1. Oceanic Lab

    Passing the Torch: Oceanic Labs Team Seeks a New Owner!!

    Oceanic Labs Team Seeks a New Owner Dear valued community, As our journey with Oceanic Labs continues to unfold, we find ourselves at a crossroads brimming with both reflection and anticipation. Over the past 1.5 years, we've poured our hearts and souls into crafting unparalleled Minecraft...
  2. Jken Anciano

    Hello People!

    Hello I'm Motumami! Looking for a configurator when it comes to plugins? Well I got you! I'm currently offering Minecraft server owners that needs help when it comes to server configurations I'm saving money for my college funds and if you need help DM me (discord: syph0468) and I'll message...
  3. DekeractTheGreat

    Ultimate Bungeecord Plugin Server Setup v1.3

    This setup is a fully configured out of the box product. This server has enhanced security features to ensure you remain in COMPLETE control of your server. Set up only requires you to agree to the Minecraft EULA. BungeeCord WorldEdit WorldGuard LuckPerms (with preconfigured ranks)...
  4. pikz

    Selling Ownership of Zeltuv's Plugins (VirtualSpawner, UltraSpoof..)

    Hello, today I'm selling the resource rights to all my products. I'm doing this because I don't have as much time as some in-real-life businesses I need to maintain. I'm looking to receive offers, so please contact me via BuiltByBit, and I will also send analytics there as well. Here are the...
  5. Boroks Devs

    [🌟] Boroks Development Freelancer Services | 100+ clients

  6. iInvisibilities

    [CLOSED] [OFFERING] FREE medium-sized plugins development for limited time!

    OFFER CLOSED! if you wish for a plugin you can still contact me & we'll agree upon a payment. Hey everyone. I've been developing Minecraft plugins for around 3 & a half years now, but have taken a break over winter & I'm currently trying to bounce back! I'm looking for people that need small...
  7. Luisitohh_

    sale of my copyright

    I'm thinking about retiring and want to sell the rights to all my published and private resources and my discord of 800 people and clients. If anyone wants to acquire the license for all my Builds, Configs, Plugins and Discord resources, contact me on my discord. my discord: .uwn.
  8. LucidDevelopment

    Need A Plugin Made For Almost Nothing?!

    Contact: Discord
  9. ByCoquito1


    RAVEN SOLUTIONS IS AT SALE. If you are interested on buying the complete development or some resource ownership rights, please contact us via Discord. Discord: bycoquito | 1072256782765928549
  10. Mazapan

    KatsuChest - New Options to lock chest v1.0.6

  11. Andr3ws11

    Dynmap-towny Flags v1.0

    Beautiful config for dynmap-towny, lmore details and stuff. Players can set their country flag with the command /flag set , the url can be from anywhere it just need to have .png/.jpg/.svg at the end'] [URL='http://, the url can be from anywhere it just need to have .png/.jpg/.svg at the end']...
  12. LucidDevelopment

    Lucid - Premium Plugin Solutions

  13. LucidDevelopment

    Lucid Development - Custom Bot/Plugin/Website Solutions

  14. Couph


    Hi, I am selling my custom plugins from my server, GrizzlyPrison. BACKSTORY Around 6 months ago, I decided to start working on my own prison server. Long story short, it did well. I was extremely happy with how all my software performed and received some attention from the community in the...
  15. Couph


  16. s0kri


  17. Evry_

    cribeAntiElytraSwapper v0.2-SNAPSHOT

    CribeAntiElytraSwapper - ✈️ Secure Your Skies! CribeAntiElytraSwapper is a powerful Minecraft server plugin designed to prevent a specific type of cheating known as "Elytra Swapping." Similar to its counterpart, Anti Auto Totem, this plugin focuses on maintaining fair gameplay by thwarting...
  18. Egis

    EthicalDev - Providing high quality plugins at fair prices

  19. Zalbus

    Voxel Mines | Revolutionizing Events v1.1.1

    Introducing VoxelMines, a powerful plugin that grants you the freedom to design captivating mining experiences for your players. With VoxelMines, you can establish specialized mining zones where players can embark on a pvp and ore-hunting quests within carefully defined time constraints...
  20. Kalou

    DamageModifier v1.2

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