1. Broken_HMS

    K9 Handler v1.0

    Secret Security A sleek, practical accessory for virtual dog handlers, for a stylish and functional experience. ‘Enhance your RP experience!’
  2. Broken_HMS

    HEMS Doctor Uniform Scripted CUSTOMIZABL v1.0

    HEMS vest and pants, fly high and support and save those in need. Enhance your experience within the Roleplaying community.
  3. TonyNguyen

    Military FOB 2 v1.0

    The product is a fictional military FOB based in Afghanistan. The military FOB is extremely realistic and detailed, which should be perfect for any roleplay or military operations! You may also modify it easily to fit your purpose.
  4. 14kTriad

    Police Department Base v1.0

    Police Department Base Includes: HQ Model Suitable for those who are in need of cheap PD base. 《︲Property of Real Goblin Development ︲》
  5. 14kTriad

    Ford Ranger Jandarma v1.0

    Ford Ranger Jandarma Includes: HQ Model Working Chassis ELS System Working Doors Working Lights UV Mapped Gendarme Texture The Ford Ranger Jandarma likely refers to a specific variant or version of the Ford Ranger customized for use by the Jandarma, which is the gendarmerie force of...
  6. Bismarck

    Roleplay Map v1.0

    A Roleplay Map that fits the style of Grand Theft Auto 5 with our own spin! This is a sizeable map with mountains, airfield, a main town and outer villages. A great map to roleplay in for a police or county group! The map comes with the following: Large Map Variation of buildings, towns and...
  7. cubed_tonker

    Netherland Police v1.0

  8. Broken_HMS

    AOR1 x MCAM Vest Pack v1.0

    AOR1 x MCAM Vest Pack - amazing custom gear for milsims
  9. Broken_HMS

    MILSIM building Kit 2 v1.0

    Ready to go building kit for MILSIM Comes with 8 different Buildings Perfect to use in anything from MILSIMs to Middle Eastern Ro-nations
  10. Broken_HMS

    Third Person Gun System v1.0

    THIRD PERSON ADVANCE COMBAT SYSTEM (ACS) Siamese Engine is being brought to you by the same company that houses warfighter gun engine. Again and again Broken Studios launches innovation and groundbreaking changes into the Advance Combat Realm. Easy to convert guns to the system allowing...
  11. Broken_HMS

    Middle Eastern Local Police Station v1.0

    This local Police Station can be used for a wide amount of factions or just as a OPFOR strong hold. This can add a new amount of detail to your checkpoints or outskirts of cities.
  12. Broken_HMS

    Marine Early 2000s Pack v1.0

    Marine Corps Early 2000s Gear Pack Includes: 3 M81 Vests Rifleman Vest Crewman Vest Radio Operator/Squad Leader Vest ECH w/ DCU Pattern M81 8-Point Cover This custom scripted gear can be used for any late 1990s/early 2000s U.S. Marines group. SCRIPTED PRODUCT
  13. Broken_HMS

    Marine Guideon v1.0

    USMC Guideon Includes: • High Quality Guideon Staff and Flag • Three Different Variants • Present Arms • Order Arms • Quick-time These custom model guideons can be used for any U.S. Navy or Marine Corps unit. Credit to dusek. NON-SCRIPTED PRODUCT
  14. Broken_HMS

    M81 Cold Weather Jacket v1.0

    Includes: • M81 Cold Weather Jacket This custom modeled jacket can be used for any U.S. Military group staged in the late 90s, early 2000s. SCRIPTED PRODUCT
  15. Broken_HMS

    Middle Eastern FOB v1.0

    A Realistic Middle Eastern FOB Comes with Medical Bay - For Medical RP can add extra indepth detail to your RP Firing Range - For training inside of the FOB and refreshing your skill Helicopter Pads Main Gate & Security Towers around the base For any questions open a ticket
  16. Broken_HMS

    Marine Corps Modern Gear v1.0

    Comes with 3 Helmets, 6 Vests including Riflemen & Medic Core and 2 Add ons such as a belt and holster. Perfect to add to a modern MILSIM that could suit anywhere from the middle of Afghan to a normal patrol in base or in war games. This perfect set of gear is fit for anything.
  17. Broken_HMS

    MRC Penthouse v1.0

    This is only an interior of an Apartment, Although it's very high quality and good for CQB and raids, Taking any credits will result to Black listment. -Credits: Davidd/Warfare
  18. Broken_HMS

    Chemlight System v1.0

    https://medal.tv/games/roblox-studio/clips/1ItoiM836IdcoL/d1337gPIPpyT?invite=cr-MSxndWcsMTYxOTc2Nzg2LA – ChemLight military grade light sticks are standard issue for all military personnel, so you know there’s no better alternative available.
  19. Broken_HMS

    Range Course pack v1.0

    Comes with a range of products inside of it. These products are apart of the MILROS collection meaning its the top of the top... even you can tell! Realistic Custom
  20. sam_priceagro

    Advanced CAD System v1.2.2

    30+ Configurable Settings Create BOLOs and Warrants Arrest Players and Create Citations Search Serial Numbers, Vehicle Plates and Players Records up Create Department Format Callsigns, specific for each Department/Team Discord Webhook Logging Close BOLOs and Warrants Read here for a full list of...
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