1. Zipzo

    ✦ Hiring Volunteered and Paid Positions ✦ Long Term ✦

    ZipML Building Co. ✦ LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO FILL IN POSITIONS ✦ ✦ TO APPLY, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ANSWER WRITTEN QUESTIONS ✦ ✦ EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED ✦ Volunteered Positions: ✦ Management (Possible payment in the future) ✦ Post Professional Advertisements ✦ Handle...
  2. F

    LeadPro Careers → Marketplace → Commissions

  3. Lukaii_xD

    Positions on VictrixNetwork

    Hi, I am a Network-Manager of VictrixNetwork and currently we are looking for a Prison or Skyblock Manager. What you would be doing is basically; You will have access to the console of the gamemode we decide to hire you for. You will also have to work on that specific server and get it ready...
  4. A

    CodeRed Hosting - All positions needed!

    Hello MC-Market! Hey, Guys, my name is Amaechi Janneh I am the Vice Chairman of CodeRed Hosting PTY LTD. We are are a hosting company specializing in Dedicated Servers, Teamspeak Servers, and Minecraft servers. I am looking for these following positions to be filled: Chief Administrative...
  5. Axelie

    ★Upcoming Network Partner★

    EDIT: I’m not “paying” for someones service. This is not a commission.
  6. iamluca

    ⚡ Static Services ⚡ Freelancers ⚡ Sales Reps ⚡ Paid

    Hello! Static Services is recruiting freelancers & sales representatives for our service team. We are looking for professional people to fill these positions. Website: https://static-services.com/ Join the Discord server to apply today!
  7. Linebeck

    [SOAROASIS] - Staff Members needed.

    Hello, my name is Hypergyzed. I am a owner of a server and soon to be a owner of a upcoming network. At this moment in time, I need staff positions filled for my small friendly community server. Here are the positions that need filling. 1. Builder - (I've designed most of the server myself, I...
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