1. CharleyRiderMC

    Staff for Newly Made Harry Potter Themed Server

    Hello! My name is Sawyer and I am looking for some loyal staff members to help develop and build this idea that I had about a Harry Potter themed server. I understand that there are already Harry Potter themed servers out there but I would like to make this unique to our server. If you are...
  2. Kedric

    Custom Potions Plugin - (with minigame)

    Custom Potions Plugin Price reduced. Purchase the plugin HERE Test Server: Available upon request. The Custom Potions Plugin is a minigame that allows players to create potions in a fun and new way. Each potion is customizable through configuration, allowing administrators to edit their...
  3. D

    Harry potter plugins

    starting harry potter server and i am looking for a developer that can make harry potter plugins like brooms spells and familynames and stuff add me on skype : undeadshoarma72 for more info! ( developers will get paid offcourse!
  4. Skrill

    2K*2K HQ Hogwarts Map

    I'm selling this build made by MrBatou . Batou and I are business partner -and friends-, i'm actually selling it for him in exchange of a small commission. Starting Bid: $75 Increment: $5 BIN: $250 PS: There are no interiors for the build. For more screens and informations, click here...