practice dev

  1. Sanctioned

    Looking for Dev for practice server!

    Willing to pay Join My Discord!
  2. S

    ---> Practice plugin needed! "HIGH" <---

    Custom Practice Plugin Needed! -=+=- Hello I am setting up a Practice server, I want the practice plugin to be custom, I searched for a long time, I found one, but they are all leaked..... :( -=+=- Things I want in the Plugin: - Inventory wich is editable in the config (Inventory in later...
  3. N

    Good Trusted DEV for Practice server

    Hey, I am looking for a DEV i can trust that is good at making/configing plugins and other server needs. Prices can be talked about. This is a Practice PvP person, we are looking at adding other things to it also. :please contact me at [email protected] (skype)
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