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  1. Liam

    The Prison Font Texture Pack 1.0

  2. Liam

    Ultimate Prefix Pack - Font Textures 1.0

  3. Zowpyy

    zTag [1.7-1.18] 2.0

    zTag is a light-weight Tag plugin this tag plugin is a recreation of the old pvptemple tags discord:
  4. SimpPixel

    Custom Suffix Plugin (Handled)

    I am requesting for a suffix plugin. What I need is for when I do /suffix &b&lHero it comes up like this in chat when I talk: Jhuly [Hero]: Hey guys! I hope this makes sense. I cant actually find anything that does this. I am using EssentialsX (for hat format, soon to switch to LPC) and...
  5. sores

    [Free] ChatCosmetics (1.7-1.8) | Open Source

    Intro: ChatCosmetics is a plugin that allows players to equip custom prefixes and chatcolors. This plugin uses MongoDB for it's data storage, I don't plan on adding any other form of storage. Mainly did this project to put on my github, but I've seen this type of plugin requested here and there...
  6. Ryzeon_

    rTags | 1.7 - 1.13 Tags & Token System 1.1

    By purchasing anything from me you accept terms and conditions. Contact: Discord: Ryzeon#5050 Twitter: Thanks to GqbyMx for help me in theard <3
  7. LuisitoAlts

    [PREMADE] UHCMeetup MySQL | Prefixes | StaffMode | Optimized | Permissions | Fork

    HopeMeetup / UHCMEETUP UHCMEETUP version 1.0 Price is 2$ [Paypal or PaySaveCard or Deal] DISCORD: TestServer: Soon Contains: -Bedrock Border -Red Glass in border -MOTD custom -Prefix System -AutoMessages -Lobby -Ranks -Scenarios -Staffchat -Staffmode ETC
  8. stevenshighway

    ⋆ TagsX | Create your own tags | Fully customizable! ⋆

    TagsX Developed by stevenshighway. Features: All versions support Create unlimited amount of tags Customize every single aspect of the plugin including each tag's permission node Ability to replicate any server's tags plugin The plugin will never break Cross-server features Screenshots...
  9. C

    EasyPrefix | 1.14 | GUI + PlaceholderAPI support 1.5.8

    configure your prefixes on your own PlaceholderAPI support no further plugins needed easy to use helpful gui easyprefix | Main Command easyprefix reload | reload the config.yml easyprefix set <Player> <Prefix> | set prefix to player easyprefix setup | opens the gui You can use colors...
  10. Ally

    TIP: Use tags on all your threads.

    Making a thread. When you make a thread, say for selling, you should probably make sure you use the tags box right under your message. When you add tags, not only does your page become more visible (say to Google, who actively looks for tags on forums like MCM), you can make people who want to...
  11. Billison

    [FREE] Ruby Tags - Tag Plugin

    Posting this to get the word out about my new plugin called Ruby Tags. It's free and can be downloaded here: Again, it's free. Updates will come and go.
  12. A

    Prefix plugin (HCF)

    Hey guys! I need a prefix plugin that is compatible with sHCF (our hcf core) and can be used with zSpigot. I would like it to look like tags plugin. I Am willing to pay $5-10 dollars for this to be done! Thanks If you need to contact me my discord is GF0#9547 Thanks
  13. Ang3lOfGood

    PrefixTags (1.8-1.12) | Create and sell tags with currency! 2.0

    PrefixTags Create and sell to your players custom tags with vault currency. Features: - Up to 27 custom tags - Customizable layout - Customizable price per tag - Remove/exit button in menu - Customizable messages - Customizable command - Easy to configure Dependencies - Vault In case you...
  14. xHolyXD

    Prefix Plugin Like VeltPvP

    Hello, I've been lately been working on my server and thought to myself why not search for a Prefix Plugin like other servers and thats the reason of this Thread. I'm Looking for a VeltPvP Remake Prefix Plugin Discord in My Signature or here xHolyXD | OOF God#0001 My Budget: 10$ - Commands to...
  15. xHolyXD

    Delete Please

  16. oKelsie

    Prefix Plugins.

    Does anyone know any good prefix plugins? I've had a look at SimplePrefix, but it's a bit too basic for what I want to do. It doesn't have to be a free plugin, I just would like some recommendations on where to start looking. Highest I can realistically pay is around $15, but I could probably go...
  17. TheGreatScrubini

    Group Manger prefixes not showing with essentials chat - help

    I do /mangaddv Owner prefix [Owner] and nothing changes. And it is the same for all other groups. Any idea on what I need to fix?
  18. iKl4b_

    Prefix Plugin

    Hello, some prefix plugins like veltpvp for sale? that works with PermissionEx
  19. Dem0nicPvp

    Prefix Plugin

    Hey! I need a custom prefix plugin, or one that is made that uses /prefix. It need to be able to have tags that people can buy through buycraft, or win in crates. So preferably a command to give it to someone (or a permission node). It needs easy gui settings and an easy way to make different...
  20. FaceSlap_

    FATE PREFIXES - Player Prefixes Plugin : MongoDB

    ======================== FATE PREFIXES ======================== Contact Information: * Discord: Activated_#1539 * Telegram: Activated99 PRICE: * Jar File: 5€ * Source: 10€ FATE PREFIXES is a simple prefixes plugin that work with Mongo Data Base. You can connect this...
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