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  1. Chriz745

    Better Prefixes - 300 Prefixes 1.0.0

    This is a custom prefix graphics pack, which contains 300+ prefixes in 11 colors. The pack only contain the graphics itself, but you can use the graphics for ItemAdder, Oraxen and your own resource pack. Thank You for viewing this graphics pack! Contact: Chrizz#9257
  2. Niccckk

    Essential Tags | 50 Tags & Icons 1.2.0

    With 30+ prefixes, tags, and icons to choose from, you are receiving a great value for only $3.99! PLUS, the value of the resource increases as you own it since I will be doing weekly updates adding more and more icons and tags FOR FREE! Want to see a new tag / icon added? Simply join my...
  3. ThePuffle

    Puffles Rank Tags Pack |Itemsadder| 1.3

    Puffles Rank Tags for Itemsadder! Each purchase comes with a Commission for 5 more Tags! Just create a Ticket in the discord below! More support for different plugins coming soon!
  4. BreadBuilds

    Better Prefixes - ItemsAdder/Oraxen

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  5. Aelin

    Emoji Chat Pack - 50 Unique Pre-Config'd 5.0

    if you don't like the placeholder, you can simply change it at placeholders with :yourtag: we tested the emoji pack with chatcontrol and it works! can also be used without. The emoji pack is a pack that keeps getting made, it gets more expensive over time. all emoji are 100% selfmade, no copy...
  6. sores

    [Free] ChatCosmetics (1.7-1.8) | Open Source

    Intro: ChatCosmetics is a plugin that allows players to equip custom prefixes and chatcolors. This plugin uses MongoDB for it's data storage, I don't plan on adding any other form of storage. Mainly did this project to put on my github, but I've seen this type of plugin requested here and there...
  7. Negative

    Cosmetic Titles | MySQL Support 3.0.0

    Cosmetic Titles is a cosmetic tag plugin, compared to other plugins out there, you can have multiple forms of "tags"! In the form of prefixes and suffixes! The only dependency you require is a chat management plugin such as Essentials. <prefix> Prefix of the player's current title <suffix>...
  8. stevenshighway

    ⋆ TagsX | Create your own tags | Fully customizable! ⋆

    TagsX Developed by stevenshighway. Features: All versions support Create unlimited amount of tags Customize every single aspect of the plugin including each tag's permission node Ability to replicate any server's tags plugin The plugin will never break Cross-server features Screenshots...
  9. A

    TIP: Use tags on all your threads.

    Making a thread. When you make a thread, say for selling, you should probably make sure you use the tags box right under your message. When you add tags, not only does your page become more visible (say to Google, who actively looks for tags on forums like MCM), you can make people who want to...
  10. Cian

    HCFactions 23 Prefixes | Custom Commands (/yt /famous /ts /perks) | Potion Commands | FREE 1.0

    20% LIMITED TIME SALE ON ALL MY PRODUCTS! BE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT!! HCFactions ⭐️ CrazyEnchantments Config | 10 Rank - 13 Class - 2 Seasonal Kits | Custom Enchants HCFactions ⭐️ CrateReloaded Config | 16 Crates | Monthly Crate Config | Hologram &...
  11. oKelsie

    Prefix Plugins.

    Does anyone know any good prefix plugins? I've had a look at SimplePrefix, but it's a bit too basic for what I want to do. It doesn't have to be a free plugin, I just would like some recommendations on where to start looking. Highest I can realistically pay is around $15, but I could probably go...
  12. TheGreatScrubini

    Group Manger prefixes not showing with essentials chat - help

    I do /mangaddv Owner prefix [Owner] and nothing changes. And it is the same for all other groups. Any idea on what I need to fix?
  13. Huub_Griffin

    [TO-CHEAP] PremiumPrefix Plugin [ONLY 0.75 EURO]

    Hello Guys, Im Huub_Griffin and i am a starting developer, If you have any request for custom plugins you can contact me here: Discord: Huub_Griffin#1277 You can buy it here: PremiumPrefix Plugin This plugin is usefull becease you can give people permission for a user...
  14. Huub_Griffin

    PremiumPrefix Plugin €2.5

    PremiumPrefix Plugin Version 1.0 Created By Huub_Griffin Commands: /prefix [Prefix] /prefix (set someone else his prefix) /prefixes info Permissions: prefix.set (Allows you to do /prefix ) prefix.colors (Gives you permission to bypass the color...
  15. SapFireMC

    Select up to two prefix's in a thread

    As you know, prefix's are used widely throughout the market for quick identifications on a thread. Very important as they are like the eye catcher of a thread. The highlight. What is troubling me though, is that you are limited to choosing only one prefix tag for your thread. My suggestion is...
  16. JustJarvoo

    Configuration on server

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you guys are able to help me with -World Guard -Getting a skyblock spawn in a world with no blocks -Staff Prefixes and -Permissions If you are able to do any of this for free please message me on skype: itzoasis3
  17. Tripps

    PrefixPerk 11.7.16/1.8-R.01

    What is PrefixPerk? Well PrefixPerk is a plugin that allows a player with the permission to change their prefix. Are there any commands we have to type? /prefix <prefix;remove;remove>; prefix.perk **THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES VAULT** Support: If you ever need support the best way to get a hold of...
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