1. ShadowCorp

    Apartment System v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Apartment System. This tech allows players to purchase their own apartment for a price, they are able to respawn at their apartment and when they leave the apartment is set to vacant. Easy To Setup and Configure Uses DataStore2 Respawn System
  2. Delkov

    🪄 [GUARANTEED] Cheapest Builds on the Market

    Are you in need of exclusive minecraft builds, with the guaranteed cheapest price on the market? Feel free to reach us at:
  3. LuisedDesse

    MinaPvP- Prison/Survival v1.0

    includes: Zone PVP Zone No PVP 3 Zone Koth 1 Mina 1 Portal Minecraft version 1.8 - 1.20 The product contains a "schematic" and a "file".
  4. bigcookiedaddy_

    Join Our Adventure: Help Name Our Network and Win a Prize

    Greetings to all fellow gamers, programmers, and server owners out there! I am thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new gaming server that I've been working on for a while. This is going to be something bigger and better than anything we've seen before, and to make it happen, we need the...
  5. V

    Youtube Thumbnail Artist

    Hello, I make high-quality thumbnails for a very affordable price (pricetag around 5-10$). I got years of experience with both editing pictures and videos, and making thumbnails is something I have done for many years. Please add me on discord if you're interested! sensational#3172
  6. ZadeFear

    How much would devs charge for these type of plugins

    Hi, if any devs are reading this, how much would the following plugins roughly cost to make? Or how much would you personally charge to create these plugins. 1. Item Filter - A plugin where players can filter which type of item they can pickup. For example, if i set my filter to only pick up...

    New prices for my resources.

    Goodmorning everyone! ;) So, I have 3 new resources on the market but I am unsure of the price I want to sell them at. Resources: Cheese Pterodactyl Theme: Ultra Pterodactyl Theme: Glasmorphism Pterodactyl...
  8. E

    3 Month Discord Nitro

    3 Month Discord Nitro I have a discord nitro gift for 3 months of the expensive discord nitro (you also get boosts with that). I already have discord nitro and this link expires in 2 weeks, i have no other option but to sell it. I'm looking for a measly 3 EURO as i cannot sell this. This is my...
  9. TerneyDK

    Selling very cheap Maps.

  10. TheMartyCZ

    Exclusive Lobby | Steampunk and Fantasy styl

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to build me a 500x500 ~ exclusive Lobby | Steampunk and Fantasy style. Write me for more information! Price: 50-120 $ Contact: TheMartyCZ#8971 (Discord)
  11. complexmc


    We are complex minecraft server and we are looking for promoters for our server. We are looking for people who are willing to advertise for a reasonable price for a minecraft server, but we are mostly targeting youtubers, but we are also willing to accept other types of advertising. If you...
  12. MyBadDay

    Looking for setup

    I am currently looking for a gamemode setup but I wonder what would be the cheapest - Factions - Prison - KitPvP If you could also add how much would it cost I would like that (Feel free to suggest setups as well if they are cheap and working well)
  13. JayMC

    BUYING Discord Ads

    Hey! I will buy buying some discord ads from some of you who comment on this thread. I am advertising my Chick-Fil-A discord server and need people from the US who would be interested. I would like to purchase the cheapest per guaranteed joins. So please comment the following below...
  14. noxid-evad

    (1.15/1.16) Minecraft economy price list v1.2

    Greetings fellow Minecrafters! After looking around and not really finding any suitable economy price lists to help balance economy. I decided i would go ahead and make my own version that is fully updated to 1.15.2. The idea of this excel file is to help users dictate prices and help balance...
  15. Ivain

    [UNMERGED] Beautiful Colored Mesa Warzone || 1024x1024 || €50 Only!

    An unmerged 1024x1024 warzone with a colorful Mesa theme. Clear area in the center for a spawn. SB: €50 Inc: €5 BIN: €90
  16. P

    How much would that cost?

    10 1v1v1v1 skywars maps 5 3v3v3v3 skywars maps 5 bedwars maps
  17. Daniell0013

    Daniell0013 Quality Builds/Low Price/Fast Delivery

    --Snake Build-- ------------------------------------------------------- Price start from 5+ dollars to 40+ dollars 50x50 / 200x200 Paypal Only For more information contact : Personal Discord : Daniell#3133 -------------------------------------------------------...
  18. Daniell0013

    Quality Builds > Fast Order > Low Price ![ Snake Build ]

    --Snake Build-- ------------------------------------------------------- Price start from 5+ dollars to 40+ dollars 50x50 / 200x200 Paypal Only For more information contact : Personal Discord : Daniell#3133 ------------------------------------------------------- Portfolio ...
  19. Wittbrodt

    General Manager Needed - Paid and Open

    Hello, I am a factions server owner, and we need a general manager. You need to be able to do everything, including most importantly the server plugins, managing the staff, recruiting. I don't care in what way you actually work. Honestly, my only requirement is that the server makes a certain...
  20. DeathsValentine

    General Pricing and Interest in Pre-Made Builds

    So I have an interest in selling premade builds, but I would like to know how things are generally priced and what styles are wanted/needed, or what things (PvP arenas, skyblock islands, etc.) are wanted, and what styles are most wanted/most popular. I'd like to also know how much things are...
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