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  1. KudaXD

    UntouchedOdin0 | Scams, Hard to work with, etc (Do not work with!)

    BEFORE YOU READ, DO NOT HARASS ANYONE MENTIONED IN THIS POST. THIS IS JUST SO I CAN LET YOU ALL KNOW OF WHAT HE DOES! Alright so this post is about UntouchedOdin0. A person who owns a private mines plugin. Now before I hop into this, this guy is horrible at maintaining a plugin. its like if a 9...
  2. Matias67Asd

    [ONLY $6]Lobby Setup Exclusive Lobby|Custom GUIs|Parkour|Cosmetics|Ranks|Npc Selector 1.8 -1.17 1.0

    ↣ With your best configurations And optimized set up to handle your players with no-lag Server Lobby Setup Ready to be set up and running! ↣ Support Version 1.8 - 1.17 ↣ Contains no premium plugins ↣ Easy configuration when editing names We compose flawless works free of...
  3. Wolfnight29

    WOLBOT | Your Private DISCORD BOT | Buttons | Multiple Tickets | Transcripts | Captcha | 2.3.1

  4. F

    Private Client

    Selling private client for cheap, i have no use for this as im quitting. This autoclicker is good for famous servers. Modules: Autoclicker 10-20 cps Reach 3.0-3.5 Velocity 50-100% 1.7-1.16 Versions: Lunar, PVPLounge, Badlion, Forge, Vanilla. Price is 10$ src 30$ Contact me: Durze#5474
  5. F

    Private Autoclicker.

    Selling autoclicker. This autoclicker was made custom for me with around 100$. I am selling this for cheap 15$ paypal or btc, becouse i quit minecraft. 10-20 CPS. SS BYPASS. BYPASS ALL ANTICHEATS.
  6. BitMan

    Need a Custom Private Discord Bot

    Hi, I am looking for someone to develop a custom discord bot with the following functionalities: - Giveaway hosting (with server join requirement [Not Join Suggestion]) - Top message leaderboard with constant updating (I can give you an example if you don’t understand) - Simple text and picture...
  7. DexterM0rgan

    External C++ AutoClicker (Lunar, BLC... Bypass)

    I'm offering a custom private C++ AutoClicker that bypasses Lunar (And other clients too) with some basic features like Keybinds, Cps randomizer... If you're interested in my offers please DM me on Discord: DexterMorgan#4512
  8. C

    HopperFilterPlus - No.1 HopperFilter | Whitelist/Blacklist | Friends System | Hopper Protection 1.1

    No.1 Hopper Filter Plugin, featuring per-permission filter limits, whitelist/blacklist modes, advanced filter toggle and a fully featured friends system. Per-Hopper Settings GUI: Hopper Friends System: Features: Per-permission filter sizes Blacklist/Whitelist filter modes Fully featured...
  9. P

    Private Client / Private Clicker

    Hi, i'm selling a private client, and a private clicker. I will drop only 10 client and 10 clicker. The client works on Forge, Optifine and BadLion Client. Of course he bypass all popular sstools like Paladin, Anticlient... He bypass all anticheat serverside like Minemen,PvPTemple and other. He...
  10. V

    Private External Client

    Looking for someone to make me a private external ghost client. Prices will be discussed in private. The client must include the following modules and bypass lunar ac off Autoclick Reach AimAssist ( if u can )
  11. R

    Advanced PM - Fully customizable private messages [1.8 - 1.15] 1.0

    With this plugin can players on your server send private messages. This plugin is fully customizable. Customizable messages (messages.yml) Supports custom characters Colored and formatted messages (&0-9, &a-f, &m, &n, &o, &r) Plugin reload Sounds on command fail, message sent/received, plugin...
  12. PenguYT


    First slot wave: Slots left: 0/5 | $5 Second slot wave: Slots left: 4/5 | $6 Hello! I am FarewellSS or Pengu. I am selling my autoclicker that I coded in C++ and is one of the best private autoclickers on the market for a reasonable price! Bypasses - - Badlion - Cheatbreaker - Lunar - Process...
  13. K

    Semi-Vanilla private Minecraft SMP server (Drajons MC)

    Hello my name is Khaled and i am the owner of a private Minecraft survival server called Drajons MC we intend on keeping it a small server thus why its private and paid out prices are cheap its 1$ per month or 2.5$ every three months you can join out discord at
  14. A Y H A M

    Resource Purchase PM

    When someone purchase your resource an automated message will be sent to that buyer with the text you chose and it is per resource, so if I have 2 different resources I can setup a different message for each of them. This idea helps a lot with those who want to send a note or maybe send a...
  15. InMud7

    [$80 Payment & 4 Days Timeframe] Fixing 2 Bugs for a Custom Plugin

    General Information I'm looking for someone experienced in Java and MariaDB MySQL to fix some bugs of a custom plugin I hired CaptainDev to make a while ago. It's a private plugin I hired him to make for my 1.13.2 Spigot/Paper server. Basic Plugin Information The plugin allows crafting and...
  16. HungryGuy

    private world for you and 2 of your friends

    I will host a private overworld for you and your friends, you will get perms to gamemode and stuff you can play survival or creative 50 cents / month this is just a world not a server
  17. arose


    I am making a 1.13 hermitcraft style SMP and need people to play and record a series on the server. It will be private, and you can do pretty much whatever you want, just not cheating or griefing. Message me on discord for more information. specialpng#8555
  18. Xiis

    XServers 2.0

    What is XServers XServers is a plugin which adds a simple system for creating private servers within your main server. It uses a simple system where a new world is created for each private server which allows players to do what they want within that server. Chat is then limited to that server...
  19. ToxicGR

    Custom Private Configuration For your Server!

    Configurations Hey! Today I am offering you some private configurations that I can do for your server! If you want any of this you can contact me at discord Discord Name: DR_NIKOLAS#6244 ▪ Factions » 30 Dollars! ▪ Skyblock » 20 Dollars! ▪ Battle Royale » 10 Dollars (with out the gun...
  20. MMini

    Staff Chat - Cheap! (Only $0.50) 1.0

    Staff Chat - Speak with your fellow Staff Members! Features - - Speak privately with your staff members - Easy to use! - Simple Commands (/sc or /staffchat) - Cheap! (Only 50 Cents) Permissions - staffchat.use (Ability to use /sc) staffchat.see (Ability to see the staff chat) Proof -...
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