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  1. G


    ● x3 Types of Islands! ● Advanced Achievements ● Custom Messages ● EPIC Custom Menus ● SHOP Gui ● x5 Crates ● x5 Donor Ranks ● x5 Staff Ranks ● X5 Kits(Default and Donor) ● Kit Preview ● Titles ● Welcome Tutorial ● 1.8.x - 1.12.x ● BountyHunters ●Auctions ● Extended Inventory ... and much more...
  2. Chad Griffith

    Thread Design/Email Template|For Hosting Company

    Hello! I am launching a large hosting company and I need a Ultra professional grade thread design and email template made for my launch on the 26th of this month. I will actually be purchasing 2 designs: The first must be Halloween themed as I am launching right before Halloween and will be...
  3. InfiniteMC

    MoreFish Configuration 150+ Fish 1.12.2

    Simply upload this config to your MoreFish/locale/ folder and type /mf reload and that's it! Includes Over 150 Custom Fish for your server to enjoy! I will add more fish over time but your players are sure to enjoy all the extra fish. Includes New Rarities fully setup. It is just about...
  4. rocky1

    ✶ HuB ✶ High Quality | 2 Versions : XMAS and Default ✶ CHEAP ✶ LIMITED TIME

    ✶ ✶ ✶ Hub ✶✶✶ Link: XMAS and Default Version Nether Portal (if you want teleport with portals) Locations for Villagers to make teleportations Enough place for players to have a fun if you have some kind of games on Hub Perspective Watch at the middle...
  5. dioWaxES

    Exoin Build Team | Professional, High Quality Service | Cheap and Fast Service

    ABOUT US Exoin Build Team is a professional group that strives to create amazing concepts, designs, and architecture who can make an incredible diversity of designs, that will blow our clients away. We make sure to deliver high quality in everything we do for our clients. BUILD PRICES BELOW...
  6. iWyn

    High Quality Builds for a New Network

    Hello MC-Market, today I come before you to request the abilities of some builders that I deem fit for the job within the creation of my network. Please leave your portfolio below if you are interested in the job! For further information regarding pay, please feel free to contact me via skype @...
  7. General_

    Exodus >> Requesting Professional Staff

    At the moment the server is currently whitelisted. Hello there! I have created a new server called Exodus, a Towny/Survival server with crates, custom end, auctions, custom plugins, and much more! The server has currently not released, but when released we are expecting 10-20 players. This may...
  8. RaitMan

    Hello! Looking for a server trailer maker!

    Hello, Im searching for a prefessional cinematic trailer maker. What i need: 1:30 min long trailer, with text. My skype: live:rait.jansen All the things you need we will talk in skype.
  9. Rainy

    Rainyday Designs! [3$ THREADS OFFER LIMITED TIME]

    Checkout my portfolio below
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