1. tooleng

    [Selling] +$35,000 In Sales / Exclusive Network

    Hi all, presenting an amazing opportunity to own an established, money-making Minecraft Network. First Reasonable Offer Gets It. Contact me via discord if you are interested via PlayStxtion#3323 - first reasonable offer gets it. Looking for $x,xxx. It's time I move on from video games, and...
  2. KudaXD

    💎[SELLING] 💎 Skyblock/Prison Network | Loads of Custom Plugins | Setups Ready For Release | $2k-4k Each Map!

    Contact Information Discord: KudaXD#4444 Why am I selling? Wanting to pursue my passions outside of Minecraft and I want to find a perfect owner for my players so when I leave they still have everything to look forward too! I also want to live my life more. Don't waste my time If your going to...
  3. Rosa Parks

    Selling Profitable Drop Shipping Store

    Hello all! I’ve recently began a Shopify drop shipping store and it has been great! In about two weeks we’ve had $200 in sales about $175 of which is profit all via natural TikTok growth. I’ve since began University and no longer have time to manage this store. I’m selling the store as a whole...
  4. Fairy Studios

    Selling Resources with resell rights | 3000$+ in Revenue |

    Hello MC-Market users, we decided to sell our Resources with Resell Rights. We are open to selling any resource from our account but I mentioned here only resources with good revenue. | Factions Setup | Total Revenue: 1600$+ | Starting Bid: 250$ /...
  5. Auxilor

    EcoCrates v1.13.10

    See this plugin running on my server! (Latest Version) Using these partner codes will support me!
  6. Auxilor

    Boosters v5.54.2

    See this plugin running on my server! (Latest Version) Using these partner codes will support me!
  7. Booklet

    [GIVEAWAY]⭐Tucies Capital⭐| Refining your business model to maximize your revenues! | ☑ Guaranteed

    FAQS Q1: When the new business model will take affect ? Q2: How long will it take to get the result start appearing ? ---------------- Limited Time - Giveaway! Doing free Business Model strategy refining [2 Left]
  8. mrpt

    Selling Discord Bot List ( )

    Hey I've recently decided to sell and it's assets including the discord server and the unfinished v3 of the website. It utilizes react.js ( next.js ), tailwind and the latest technologies, it has 300+ (members in the Discord server and is ready to be taken to the next step. I do not...
  9. RealJohnWolf

    Selling a professionally made server

    Sold the server, Join For more server options!
  10. MrGrumby

    NetherMC - Searching for Investors!

    Hey, I'm writing on behalf of the ownership team over at NetherMC. We're planning on releasing on the 13th of January and we're looking for a few staff members as well as a potential INVESTOR to help fund the server alongside my partner Flow! We're mainly looking for investments for the...
  11. Helenos

    PROMO -50[3D Model] (very) HIGH QUALITY STORM SWORD MODEL, , v1.3

  12. C


  13. Teams

    Looking for a YouTuber Partnership for PROFITABLE SERVER

    Howdy, I'm currently investing heavily into a new KitPvP server which will be a guaranteed success with the advertisement it deserves. I am looking for a YouTuber to partner with our Network to share 50/50 of the weekly donation profits with myself ( the owner ) and the developer. In exchange...
  14. T

    RageRaid Network | (Custom Designs - Over 38k Made)

    Hello, my name is Tuxxed. I recently purchased this server off of its previous owner Prince4DX and am selling it again to find an owner who has enough time and dedication to work on it and support its player base. Please don't be mistaken, I am not selling this server because it is...
  15. CreeperGFX

    Chroma PvP - Factions Server ($25.00 USD) (ON HOLD)

    Hello, This is a server I created with me and my buddy. I'm pretty experienced with plugins and everything is setup involving plugins and server-wise. The server DOES NOT HAVE A PLAYERBASE but has extreme potential to become a fun and profitable server. The server also does not have a banner or...
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