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  1. S

    [Free] Small Development Plugins (Spigot)

    Small Projects Hey there, I would like to evolve my skills as a developer and build a public portfolio, so I am offering free-of-charge plugins, if they aren't too big. Interested? If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then feel free to leave a comment or your Discord below...
  2. NameAidan

    ⭐ AIDAN SERVICES | Turning Ideas Into Reality ⭐

  3. Zuiny

    Selling cheap builds/Projects that I've made. CHEAP

    Hi, I'm here selling builds/projects that I've made. These builds took me a week and a half to make each sorry about the quality of the screenshots I don't have shaders. Heres the build shop if you're interested I like to make more builds in the future and put it up...
  4. HyperMichael

    Team Nexus | Hiring Freelancers | Builders, Terraformers

  5. Jon Development

    Looking to do a project with someone

    Looking to do some kind of web-based project with someone, am fluent in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP and can do some nodejs. Add me on discord if your interested: Note#2844
  6. G

    Punishment GUI (cheap please?)

    Hi. I need a simple plugin that can do punishment and stuff. COMMANDS: /ban {username} - *Please look at the attached photos for reference* /mute {username} - *Please look at the attached photos for reference* /warn {username} - *Please look at the attached photos for reference* /warnings...
  7. samyratchet

    Plugin dev projects

    Dear everyone, I am samyratchet and i own a minecraft network that asks a lot of work, cause of that i am not be able to maintain an excisting plugin and need help for an other project that request knowledge of votifier. So that is why i am searching for a developer that can do 2 projects, and...
  8. SentrexGaming

    Free small projects

    Hello, I am looking for some work to do for people. I am willing to do some small projects in return for a vouch. Message me on Discord: SentrexGaming#0001
  9. CronhKs

    CronhKs | Building Service

    Come on, if you have any request or question, PM me or my skype. Thank you.
  10. Leo

    Senior Projects || Server Management

    Greetings. You may know me as iKryptonic, as a Freelance Manager, Twitter, or an area / server that I am apart of, or used to be. I'm here now to offer my management position for Senior , or Larger areas. Unfortunately, I do not manage servers that are just starting up, or do not have intention...
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