1. Omatri

    Discord Logs - PUNISHMENT LOG v1.1

    Discord: https://discord.gg/SWtnnAy6KG Seamlessly integrate with any Discord bot through its token Showcases the player's skin effortlessly Compatible with PlaceholderAPI Includes support for LITEBANS, with more integrations on the horizon (feel free to suggest on our Discord) Tailor Discord...
  2. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Warnings Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Permission specific, only for staff members! Previous warnings are saved and listed for other staff to see.
  3. StellarMine

    Stellar LiteBans - Colorful & Smart v1.0

  4. Creaxx

    Phoenix Core - All in one server solution (1.7-1.20.1)

    PURCHASE AT https://refinedev.xyz You can test Phoenix at IP: test.refinedev.xyz An advanced Network Core plugin that provides a plethora of features to enhance any server administration experience. Phoenix core is compatible with multiple plugins and comes with numerous free add-ons that...
  5. U

    Punish command skript v1.0

    dependency Plugin Skript-2.7.0 Commands /punish <player> Permission permission: staff.skript.punish permission_message: your not staff buddy! For further questions or clarifications on the skript you can contact me directly here on mc-market (remember to tag me otherwise I don't...
  6. Creaxx

    Phoenix - All in one server management v1.6.2

    YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AFTER PURCHASING AT dsc.gg/refine You can test Phoenix at IP: test.refinedev.xyz An advanced Network Core plugin that provides a plethora of features to enhance any server administration experience. Phoenix core is compatible with multiple plugins and comes...
  7. Zowp

    Volcano | Ranks - Punishments - Disguise v1.3.4

    Volcano is a very optimized feature-packed network core Join the discord for more updates & to receive your license after purchase: https://discord.gg/invite/jNXr9X48JW MongoDB support MySQL support Flat-File support Ranks Punishments HEX Support Server Manager Reports Disguises Chat...
  8. benketomi

    Hungarian Punishment GUI v1.0

    HU: Ezt a büntetési GUI-t a DeluxeMenus pluginnal oldottam meg. Berakás: 1. Töltsd le a DeluxeMenus, Litebans és a PlaceholderAPI plugint. 2. Tedd be a szerveredre a plugins mappába és indítsd újra. 3. Menj be a DeluxeMenus plugin mappájában a gui_menus mappába töltsd fel mind a két fájlt...
  9. sk8ingDuck

    BungeeCord Ban-System | Website & Code v1.8

    Ban Plugin for BungeeCord [version 1.8.x - 1.19.x] with Web admin Panel With this plugin, you'll have access to a variety of powerful commands that will help you keep your server free from troublemakers. Commands you can use: /ban [player] [time] [reason] - Ban a player for a specified...
  10. Mehmet_27

    PunishManager - Advanced Punish Plugin v1.4.6

    PunishManager Discord Announces, Multi Lang Support, GUI on Bungee/Velocity/Spigot, All Common Punishment Commands About PunishManager offers you many features you need to create a quality environment on your server. It has general ban and mute commands. It has optional Discord features...
  11. Angelillo

    MAStaff | StaffMode & Utils v3.1.1

    Useful links Documentation Discord Javadoc Maven Repo ATTENTION The plugin src is include it when you buy the plugin, ask for the github repo access on discord
  12. koqel

    Helium - Ranks | Tags | Punishments v2.0.2

    Test server: demo.plasma.services Requirements: MongoDB. Redis Java 8+ 1.8-1.20 Spigot Punishments: Punishments include all types of punishments such as Bans, Mutes, Kicks, and others. Commands /blacklist <player> <reason> [-s] /ban <player> [duration] <reason> [-s] /mute <player>...

    PrisonBan - Dig Blocks To Remove BAN v2.1

    Useful for administrators who want more fun from their work and new experiences for players :) Commands: Permissions: prisonban.use ; to use the /pb command prisonban.bypass ; if you have one, you can't be banned by the /pb command. /pb, /prisonban /PrisonBan wand ; don't allow the player to...
  14. Minesuchtiiii

    TrollBossPlus v1.10

    Command Permission Function Alias /troll [player] troll.troll Opens the player select GUI or selects a player directly as your target /troll help [page] troll.help Displays a specific help page /troll reload troll.reload Reloads the plugin and its files /troll admin troll.admin Opens...
  15. stifflered

    GSBans BETA vDiscord Integration, Punishment List GUI, and MORE

    A modern ban and punishment manager that improves staff performance and provides deep analytics on player behavior. Learn more about the GamerSafer team and what we bring with our 20+ years of experience in the gaming industry: 🔗 https://gamersafer.com/ 🔗 Meet our Team (LinkedIn) 🔗 GamerSafer...
  16. Negative

    Punishments v3.2.3

    Punishments is a plugin designed to simplify managing player punishments in Litebans by providing a more user-friendly graphical interface. - /punish The punish command is designed to punish players using a user-interface approach and automatically assigning ban lengths depending on the...
  17. Coralise

    Custom Bans Plus v3.3.19.1

    Custom Bans Plus is an all-in-one Ban Management plugin with all the features you need in a ban manager and more. It has a completely customizable system that gives users the freedom of how they want their appearance to look as part of their server's overall aesthetics. The plugin also has a...
  18. Countdownn

    /punish custom plugin

  19. Zach _FR

    History Gui [Litebans] v1.1.1

    History Gui You need litebans plugin for work (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/litebans.3715/). Message in gui are customizable in gui config. Commands - Permissions - Description /c - history.gui - Open browser gui. /c <player> - history.gui - Open gui for this player...
  20. Robsta


    Description Giving your staff team the correct tools to perform their duties is critical. It can influence the efficiency, speed and professionalism of your staff team if they are well equipped for situations. However, there is only a very limited amount of options available. Punishment GUIs are...
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