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pvp arena kitpvp build

  1. MCCharity

    Purple Planet Outpost PvP Arena RELEASE

    Purple Planet Outpost PvP Arena [400x400] Cost: 6.50 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Size: 400x400 A water damage plugin is recommended to serve as a border. File...
  2. Pabitoo

    KIT PVP - Fantasy Castle 400x400 1.8+

    Dimensions: 400x400 Build Details: -Castle for you to fit the things you want -Castle Spawnpoint -Small Parkour -Multiple structures around of the map Build Images: 3D View: DOWNLOAD: You will get folder in .zip with 1 schematic IMPORTANT!! Before loading your schematic...
  3. ApiDev

    PVP Arena (High-Quality) (Schematics) 1.0

  4. SrDec

    I sell exclusive pvp map [10 usd]

    sale of map for pvp - pvp kit with a size of 500x250 sale by discord deco500_Yt # 6760 I show everything you want to know about the map to have a safe sale payments by paypal - oxxo - BBVA
  5. ApiDev

    PVP - KitPVP (High-Quality) (World + Schematics) 1.1

    Cords in the zip file..
  6. ApiDev

    PVP (High-Quality)(Schematic). 1.0

  7. ApiDev

    PVP - KitPVP Map (High-Quality) (1000 x 1000). 1.0

    PVP - KitPVP Map (High-Quality) you can use it in your server coords: X: 186 Y: 86 Z: 154
  8. ApiDev

    Mushroom Map 120 x 120 @ApiDev (.Schematics) 1.0

    Coords: x: 840 y: 50 z: -1503
  9. Tarxan

    Free Random Map With [Speed Build Video]

    Video Proof Please like and don't hate ! Download Here Comment For more Builds I can make so it will keep me Busy!!!<3:D:cool: First free build and more to come on Mc-Market !! Download Here
  10. Deninoma

    200x200 Japanase Themed PvP Map

    Theme: Japanese Size: 200x200 You can use this map for anything. Starting Price: Your Offer Screenshots:
  11. Kasper Fejrskov

    Looking for experienced pvp build team

    Hi. Do you guys know a good build team that would help build a ffa kitpvp map? Add me on skype and comment below if you know af good build team. My skype is: fejrskov091203
  12. D

    Custom PvP server with Custom enchants, plugins and more!

    This server is a Custom PvP server, STILL IN BETA. We have a good staff team, we are a very small server, barely get any players at the moment, and are still improving the server! Here is our IP,, we are looking for staff members for the next month. Please join our small...
  13. Millennium

    Amazing Pvp Arena - Cheap - All Versions -1.11 - 1.10 - 1.9 - 1.8 - 1.7 1.0

    Hey guy's NetflixAndFiend here also known as Milennium. Today I am selling my custom made arena which me and my friend built a while back. This Arena is currently only on my server only. No one has access to this build beside's me. I have worked very hard on this build with my friend Patrick and...
  14. TheHollowWhite


    For other maps or questions, please contact with me : Skype: TheHollowWhite PM Arena: Download:
  15. Harveh


    Hello MC-Market! This is one of my first builds and I have decided to sell it. Details: 37x37 Simple Holds up to 4 People DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! World Download: Schematic Download: Virus...
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