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  1. MCCharity

    Purple Planet Outpost PvP Arena RELEASE

    Purple Planet Outpost PvP Arena [400x400] Cost: 6.50 Non-Exclusive You can also purchase this build from our website! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Size: 400x400 A water damage plugin is recommended to serve as a border. File...
  2. Regus_

    Summer PvP Arena | ONLY 1.99 2021-12-18

    ~ Summer PvP Arena ~ About this map PvP Arena, 50x50 field Surrounded by nice ancient buildings and mountains Behind main arena there's 400x400 area Help & Download The download folder is in .zip, in which you'll find schematic and world file, both on version 1.8 If you have any problems...
  3. Regus_

    Gladiators Arena | ONLY 3.99 2021-08-29

    ~ Gladiators Arena ~ PvP Arena About this map A simple pvp arena for both 1v1 and more players Colloseum is based on a floating island Interior of the colloseum is filled in decorations and stands all around Pvp arena is a circle with a diameter of 87 blocks Help & Download The download...
  4. T

    Arab Themed Paintball/PvP Arena [3.99$]

    Selling this Arab/Desert Paintball Map that can be also used as PvP Arena. It's a non-exclusive build, and the size of the arena is 70x70. This build works on any 1.16+ version. For more information and pictures contact me on Discord: Tallegio#6986
  5. TrollingCake_

    T&G Town -> HUB | Lobby | PvP Arena | Built on SURVIVAL! 1.0

    A huge town made on survival! Ideal to be used as a PvP Arena or as a Hub! Installation: - Install WorldEdit - Create a "schematics" folder inside WorldEdit files - Unzip the schematics and upload to "schematics" - Restart your server (or reload WorldEdit) - Load the schematics using /schem...
  6. Tsqpos


    THIS BUILD IS NO MORE AVAILABLE. DONT MESSAGE ME!! Hello Community of MC-Market, If you are looking to buy a PvP Arena in a cheap price and a lot of space for fights you have found the arena that you were looking for. For more details visit the build's page, also if you want to ask anything...
  7. T

    ✨ SCHEMATICA ✨ 【 Prison Spawn 】 $3,75

    Buy here: Contact:
  8. ApiDev

    PVP Arena (High-Quality) (Schematics) 1.0

  9. Ang3lOfGood

    SkyBlock PvP Island 1.8-1.12

    This PvP SkyBlock island contains: - 3 small houses - 1 big tree - 4 butterflies - 7 clouds - detailed decorations
  10. PandaCraftGaming

    PvP Arena [$3] | Size - 87x73

    Information: PvPArena ➥ 42 (EAST & WEST DIRECTION) ➥ 35 (SOUTH & NORTH DIRECTION) ➥ 87x73 (length/width of arena) ➥ 6,351 (entire arena platform counting just the floor) Pricing: $3 Screenshots: (Album) (Click the Link) ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Proof of Ownership: Do not have proof that...
  11. 911_Minecraft

    KitPvP Arena Medieval Themed 1.0

    This map is based of a medieval theme, you will find one medieval house, some rivers, a wheat field, horses pulling a carriage and a nice skydrop spawn. The map is approximately 50x50 surrounded by some mountains. Proof of build can be requested over private messages. If you would like a...
  12. G

    Minecraft server: PVPArena|Hungergames|MobArena|EggRun|Shops|Sumo|Parkour|Skyblock

    I MAKE TOURS! I am selling a minecraft server that involved hundreds of hours to make. The server includes many Minigames and adds-on: -PVPArena (2 maps, middle eastern and jungle ruins theme ) -Hungergames (1 map, multiple biomes theme) -MobArena (1 map, ice theme) -EggRun (1 map, modern...
  13. xIuriE

    4 Koths 150x150 - City/Vestern/Nether/End 2017-12-17

    Hello, here I have for you 4 Koths 150x150 with 4 different themes: City, Vestern, Nether and End. -Photos: -Price: $8.00 -Size: 150x150 -Usage: Koth or Pvp Arena -Build details: City, Vestern, Nether and End themed koths/arenas.
  14. xIuriE

    |Very High Quality| 200x200 Ice KitPvp/Pvp Arena+ 70x70 Spawn 2017-12-11

    Hello, today I release for you a very high quality KitPvp/Pvp Arena and 70x70 spawn, I hope you'll enjoy it. -Photos: -Price: $10.00 -Size: around 200x200 + 70x70 spawn -Usage: KitPvp Arena, Pvp Arena, Mob Arena, also can be used as a spawn or for other minigames. -Build details: Good looking...
  15. Marchi

    11x PvpArena Pack |High Quality|Cheap 1.0

    Hello guys,today i'll be selling this amazing pack of 11 practice pvp arenas.So the arenas are custom made. <TOS> (!)You may not leak the arenas after buying (!)You may not resell the arenas after buying ( you have to ask me,if you want to buy them with resell rights) <Features> -11 arenas -High...
  16. I


  17. PandaCraftGaming

    52x52 PvP Arena [NEW]

    Hey guys, this is my second post on Mc-Market, and I am here to sell my server's PvP Arena. My server was a small Factions server, with a playerbase of nearly 3-7 players daily. This PvP Arena, was only used by my server, and has not been sold to any other. If you want further information on the...
  18. FloofsterMC

    PVP Island 65x65 W/ Pics!

    First Sale! I can suit to your needs if wanted. Perfect for small PvP, Factions, or even a skyblock servers! Features a small island approximately 64x64 blocks work 2 different teams. Red vs Blue. The map has blue having blue as a bit more dominant. I am totally willing to change to suit your...
  19. I


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