queue plugin

  1. UTF

    QuickMatch - Multi-Server matchmaking setup.

    Info This project was initially created for a server that no longer exists and never got fully deyployed. Its designed for the automatic setup of multiple proxies connecting multiple minigame instances together. Minigame creation functions as an interaction between the Matchmaking server, the...
  2. cyall

    ⚡⚡75% OFF Sale⚡⚡ Queue System plugin // MULTI-PRIORITIES // $2.49 - CHEAPEST QUEUE ON MCM

    Linnk to resource: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/16759/ You will also get discord support (Link in Resource's Description).
  3. cyall

    QueueSyS v1.2

    Discord support: https://discord.gg/3GYnAS3 The main idea behind the plugin is, to allow players to join certain queue (3 queues are default, but you can change them in config, and even add queues!). It is also good to add commands of this plugin to NPCs; so they can 'click on queue'. Just...
  4. Hydrogen

    Custom Redis-based queue system

    Hey, I've created a fully custom Redis-based queue system with the following features: - Server whitelist detection - Reminder messages - Customizable messages - Permissions - Offline Detection - Unlimited queues - Bypass queue Would anyone be interested in this plugin?
  5. B

    {$5 (SALE!)} Link - Quality Queue Plugin! - OFFLINE, WHITELISTED, ONLINE, BOOTING MODES - REDIS -

    Link - The best queue plugin on the market Made by BlazingTide (Me) Official plugin by Next Jump Development Team Recommended Hub Plugin: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/12067/ Resource: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/9932/ (Removed Licensing because it was to much work) Redis...
  6. DaddyImPregnant

    Portal - Queuing plugin (10$) [1.7.10-1.17.X] [Queue management GUI] [Placeholder API] ][API]

    Setup Run the portal-independent jar file. Open the config.properties. Add all hub IDs separated by a comma to the `hubs` section in the config. Add all server IDs that need queues separated by a comma to the `queues` section Install the portal-bukkit jar file on all servers that need queues...
  7. Nicolas Matos

    Queue Plugin

    Hello mcm, I'm looking for some developer who can make a queue plugin for my network. Currently we are getting 300-400player but we have only 2 game modes on the network, one of them with max 200 slots where more than 50 players try to enter simultaneously, causing a great overload on the...
  8. Blaqe

    Looking for A dev..

    Hi MCM. I'm looking for a dev that can make me a plugin that uses EzQueue's api to hook into festherboard so you would be able to see ur queueing on the Scoreboard. Budget: 10$. -ZneakyPvP -English isn't my First language..
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