rank badges

  1. Palomero33

    27 Prefix Icons ItemsAdder Spanish ES v1.0

    Unlock a new level of customization for your Minecraft server with our exclusive Custom Prefix & Icons Pack, now available on BuiltByBit! This resource is designed to enhance your gaming experience by introducing 27 unique prefixes, each accompanied by custom icons with custom textures. To...
  2. alejandrosuz

    Pixelmon/Cobblemon 24 buycraft icons v1.0

    PIXELMON/COBBLEMON BUYCRAFT ICONS Buycraft icon images for your Pixelmon or cobblemon server. Maximum quality at an unbeatable price. The file has 24 images in total. 6 different versions in 4 dial colors for each one. First version of 3/4 expected.
  3. Shake_

    Rank Prefix v1.0

    Prefixes for ranks that are part of the package: Staff : 1. Owner 2. Admin 3. Manager 4. Operator 5. Developer 6. Mod 7. Helper 8. Builder Server Ranks: 1. Magister 2. Tyrant 3. Kronos 4. Ravager 5. Diamond 6. Emerald 7. Gold 8. Lazuli 9. Iron 10. Mvp 11. Vip Other: 1. Member 2. Player 3...
  4. Aabsss

    Willing to make custom rank tags for luckperms

    Offering custom textured rank tags - 2 Different types 1. Circular 2. Rectangular - Custom rank tags with icons (provide an idea) - Max: 100 - Min: 1 Price is depending on how many tags you buy. IMAGES: Rectangular: Circular: DM ME ON DISCORD @ big.abs OR REPLY TO THIS POST ON BBB
  5. Bowie1234

    PrismaGraphics - Rank icons v1.0

    13+4 Unique rank icons for your server, Works with or without Oraxen, ItemsAdder, etc. IF U WANT A TAG'S DESIGN TO BE CHANGED, DON'T BE AFRAID TO HIT ME UP! This pack includess 17 png files, with the following ranks: OWNER ADMIN DEVELOPER STAFF HELPER MOD SR. MOD BUILDER VIP EPIC MYSTIC...
  6. I

    Mystical v1.0

    Mystical is a utility plugin that can be used in different ways: - Ranks Ranks can be given permissions. Every rank a user has, all those rank's permission will be given to them. Ranks can have a prefix that can be used in message. The highest rank will be chosen as the user's rank prefix...
  7. BreadBuilds

    Better Prefixes - ItemsAdder/Oraxen v1.2

    Available ranks (36 in total): Owner Admin Operator Staff Senior Mod Mod+ Mod Helper+ Helper Player Muted Dev AFK Emperor Jr. Dev Manager Master Platinum Sr. Admin Sr. Dev Sr. Mod Streamer Supreme Youtuber and much more.. Build and skins are not included with purchase, they serve only for...
  8. Yazzi

    Yazzi's Buycraft Medeival Rank Icons | Set of 5 [HIGH QUALITY]! v2021-10-28

  9. MiniBee

    Buycraft Icons - Rank Badges v2.0

    What you will receive: 1) 5 images containing different tier badges (wooden, stone, golden, diamond, emerald) 2) Images are fitted to Buycraft / Tebex preference (ready to be uploaded) If you are interested in custom work or have any questions, please contact me via E-mail...
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