1. Immortal Studios

    Coinshop & Cosmetics - DM Config v1.1

    🪙130+ buyable items 🪙18 Menus 🪙Cosmetics Menus 🪙Ranks (Permission not setuped) 🪙 No premium plugins needed. 🪙Coinshop categorys: (Chatcolors,Eglows,Pets, particles,emotes,Perks, Backpacks,Crates keys,Tags,Hearts and claim blocks.) 🪙 Prevent Double buying (Unlike other coinshop configs this...
  2. Quartz

    MineShopify | Shopify To Minecraft v1.0

    Overview: MineShopify makes it possible to send Shopify Payments to your Minecraft Server with a Minecraft plugin. Features: 1. File Storage or MySQL Storage Supported. 2. 100% Configurable. 3. Offline players support. Showcase: Installation: Step 1. Put MineShopify in your "Plugins" folder...
  3. Dandrrick

    Prefixes in Ukrainian vol2/Oraxen v1.0

    Текстури префіксів, які повинні бути на кожному сервері! Версія 2 Цей пакет включає в себе файл конфігурацій Oraxen, файл README на 2 мовах та усі префікси у PNG форматі! УСІ ПРЕФІКСИ ЗРОБЛЕНІ УКРАЇНСЬКОЮ МОВОЮ! Обов'язково прочитайте файл README. Список префіксів: Ранги ◆ Дерево ◆ Камінь...
  4. FredOrSomething


    These server rank icons are very visually appealing for players, encouraging them to buy ranks. They add a nice touch to any standalone server or network. Examples: I will use a rendering tool to create custom ranks to your specifications. If you ever wish to change the text or edit the...
  5. Dandrrick

    Prefixes in Ukrainian/Oraxen v1.0

    Текстури префіксів, які повинні бути на кожному сервері! Цей пакет включає в себе файл конфігурацій Oraxen, файл README на 2 мовах та усі префікси у PNG форматі! УСІ ПРЕФІКСИ, ЗА ВИКЛЮЧЕННЯМ ДЕЯКИХ МЕДІА ПРЕФІКСІВ ЗРОБЛЕНІ УКРАЇНСЬКОЮ МОВОЮ! Обов'язково прочитайте файл README. Список...
  6. NimoEkisde

    nRankSync v1.1

    Discord Support: https://discord.gg/rXYH5d5G5H
  7. Tandsitk

    Simple Rank Pack v1.1

    I have designed this rank package, thinking that it is a beautiful rank package for you, and you can use it as you wish. Update: Now add configs Ranks included: Owner Admin Mod Helper Mvip Vip Player New ranks will be added very soon. To keep up with updates, join our Discord server: Discord...
  8. N

    Simply Better Ranks v2.0

    Simply Better Ranks v2.0 It's just Simply Better Ranks for your minecraft server! HOW TO USE - If you have ItemsAdder plugin, simply put "simplybetterranks" folder into your plugins/itemsadder/contents folder! (Placeholders are in readme.txt file.) - If you don't have ItemsAdder plugin...

    Free Ranks | Tab | Luckperms Config v2.0

  10. adaysdev

    AdIcons | High-Quality Icons for Ranks v1.0

    This resource obtains only GRAPHIC FILES not FULL CUSTOMIZATION! Did you ever want to make the cool prefixes like on popular big servers? No problem for Best price you get Best quality! You can use this resource like Pack for BetterRanks. Follow the tutorial on Wiki for this Ranks. Enjoy!
  11. NUUA

    PrefixBanner - ItemsAdder & more v1.0

  12. Artillex-Studios

    Survival Ranks | Store Icons v1.0

    High Quality Icons for Tebex/Buycraft or any minecraft server shop - use them all, or the specific ones you like The download includes: • 4 Premium Rank Icon (King, Knight, Wizard, Farmer) • All PNG icons with transparent background, no watermark • All icons in those sizes: 1024x1024 & 500x500...
  13. Trippyn

    Ranks GUI | Free | Buy special ranks v1.1

    This is CONFIGURATION not a PLUGIN Nowadays almost every server has their own benefits for players that support them with ranks. Give your players chance to buy ranks for currency through game, it is easy and fast. This GUI shows what benefits you offer and they can buy it immediately...
  14. MagMaad

    xLeaderboards - Leaderboard Plugin v1.0

    Discord Server:
  15. SoyKing

    Prefix pack V1 Ranks & symbols Tags vV2.0

    prefix package for ranks for use on your minecraft server use it on your ranks to give them a unique touch and a different distinction from other servers Remember to read the 'README' file so that you can correctly install the tags on your server and resource pack. This package includes...
  16. akintrkk

    Turkish Military Rank Badges v1.0

    Rütbe Sıralaması Acemi Onbaşı Çavuş Uzman Onbaşı Uzman Çavuş Astçavuş Astsubay Çavuş Astsubay Kıdemli Çavuş Astsubay Üstçavuş Astsubay Kıdemli Üstçavuş Astsubay Başçavuş Astsubay Kıdemli Başçavuş Astteğmen Teğmen Üstteğmen Yüzbaşı Binbaşı Yarbay Albay Tuğgeneral Tümgeneral Korgeneral...
  17. Artillex-Studios

    AxRankMenu | LuckPerms Addon v1.0.5

    • /axrankmenu • /axrankmenu reload • LuckPerms Economy Plugins: • Vault • PlayerPoints • CoinsEngine • RoyaleEconomy Source Code: https://github.com/Artillex-Studios/AxRankMenu If you need Commissions, Support, or anything else
  18. _geniver.

    Ranks MENU | DeluxeMenus v1.0

    Menu of ranges to buy with server economy. Add ranks that can be bought with money from the server to keep users happy and entertained in getting money to be able to buy ranks and level up.
  19. raiyan9

    Area Entry System v1.0

    Introducing the Area Entry System Unravel a top-tier Area Entry System that bridges the gap between functionality and visual appeal. Whether you are setting up boundaries or granting access, this tool is designed to be your ultimate aide. Features Fully Scripted: No need for manual...
  20. S

    [SELLING] EarthSMP server

    It is an EarthSMP server with a lot of plugins, vote siters, webstore, ranks and more. it has an established staff team and discord. The problem is we have ran out of funding so need someone to take it over. Please message Snicket66 on discord for more information, the price is negotiable...
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