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  1. K

    Looking to pay someone for a configured Ranks & Permissions for my server.

    Hello, i'm looking for a cheap permissions and ranks setup for my server, I asked the server owner if I could copy their server's ranking system and they told me yes, as long as it's a private server, so that's what i'm doing. The server is
  2. Scifi

    Akuma | Network Core 1.0.3

    About: Akuma is a general purpose network core which was originally designed for the HCStatic Network, This network core was designed to compete with plugins such as AquaCore and Phoenix / pxCore, whilst being efficient it also has a very in-depth api allowing for easy integration with all of...
  3. Chriz745

    Better Prefixes - 300 Prefixes 1.0.0

    This is a custom prefix graphics pack, which contains 300+ prefixes in 11 colors. The pack only contain the graphics itself, but you can use the graphics for ItemAdder, Oraxen and your own resource pack. Thank You for viewing this graphics pack! Contact: Chrizz#9257
  4. Ton4icx

    Lunar Earth SEMI-VANILLA 1.19.3 [SOON OPEN]

    Name: Lunar Earth IP: IP AND OPEN SOON Version: 1.19.3 Discord: Lunar Earth aims to give you something much different than any other networks: For example a place to enjoy and spend time with your friends or a place to clear your mind. Our community is ready to...
  5. H

    Looking for Rank Ideas.

    Hey! I’m looking for rank Ideas for my Server. The Server is going for a tropical Theme! - I’ll pay $10 or nitro, to whoever has the best ideas! Looking for 3-4 ranks! -Add my discord HayleyxRose#0001
  6. Niccckk

    Essential Tags | 50 Tags & Icons 1.2.0

    With 30+ prefixes, tags, and icons to choose from, you are receiving a great value for only $3.99! PLUS, the value of the resource increases as you own it since I will be doing weekly updates adding more and more icons and tags FOR FREE! Want to see a new tag / icon added? Simply join my...
  7. aDragz

    Prison Core 1.0.9-BETA

    Features - Gangs - Private Mines - Ranks - Easy to use Support Website [] - Performance Performance Performance for a prison server is better than ever! Using FAWE for Mine resets, this makes mine resetting lag-free. Including the 60-second cooldown. This plugin is...
  8. conhnation

    LuckPerms & LPChat - 14 Ranks Included 1.0.1

    WARNING - SUPPORT IS NO LONGER PROVIDED FOR THIS Due to situations out of my control, I am no longer able to provide support or maintain this configuration. While this product is still working as of 3/10/23, please note that no support will be given. I apologize for any inconvenience this may...
  9. D


    Installation is as simple as dragging and dropping a folder. Don't forget to +REP! I can make custom tags as well for super cheap, just shoot me a DM on Discord: Wangster#4711 Recommended: - ItemsAdder Confirmed Works With: LuckPerms ExecutableItems Tags In This Pack: Ores: dirt, coal...
  10. BreadBuilds

    Better Prefixes - ItemsAdder/Oraxen

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  11. BreadBuilds

    Sci-fi GUI Nameplates - ItemsAdder & DeluxeMenus Configs

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  12. VcR_Cuac

    Cuac Configs | Tab and Score config Beta 0.1

    An All-In-One TAB configuration! This TAB setup is all you need for a server. It includes 6 styles. If you like, you can request a personalized TAB style for which you will be charged an amount that is reasonable and treated. If you need help getting these to fit on your server, please open a...
  13. HyperDev

    Crypto Rank Tags | ItemsAdder 1.0

    THIS PACK INCLUDES: 9 Rank tags raw images: 4 staff ranks (Owner, Admin, Mod & Helper) + 5 Player ranks (Newbie, Starter, Expert, Trader & Holder). ItemsAdder folders, files & config. You don't even have to edit anything, just follow the steps for an easy installation. An installation guid, to...
  14. Robe

    FREE Rank Cards 1.0

    free rank cards icons for your minecraft server store, all the icons are 512x512 and comes with an editable PSD document
  15. Chaptr

    7 Rank Icons | Vector | Water Themed | GFX | REQUESTING | $$$

    Hello. Im looking for 7 unique rank icons to be used for my webstore, and discord nameplate icons. Reqs: Must be in PNG & or JPEG High quality DM me via discord here: chaptr#0001 or respond to this thread.
  16. kazmer2004


  17. Objectify

    Alchemist Rank Core - Completely Free 2.02

    Hello everyone from MC-Market! I am here today to offer my free rank solution to anyone that would need one, the features are very diverse and have things that have that most rank cores do not. The quality and features of the plugin itself are comparable to the ones that are paid. If it's so...
  18. glutius

    Matzouni SMP [170 players in Community] [Everything Included]

    Hello everyone, I started the server with the intention of creating an awesome and legit community. The server is only now 3 months and 22 days old. - SERVER - Started the first month on a VPS and afterward went on a dedicated host from Hetzner. Specs are: Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 1GBPS dedicated...
  19. unfaced

    🌟 50% SALE 🌟 | 🛡️ 24x Shield Icons Bundle - Illustrated 1

    The zip file contains : 1900x1650 1 PSD 24 PNG Files
  20. Thwopsie

    Space Themed Server Rank Logo Bundle

    Hi there, I am currently creating a Space Themed SMP that is looking to release ranks, loot crates and a custom currency. For all of this, we would like specially made logos. We do have a particular theme in mind for each model and seeing as we are purchasing quite a lot in bulk, the best offer...
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