1. xShyo_

    Survival Setup | Professional Server v1.0

    Explore the ultimate thrill of survival with our game settings. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world where every detail has been carefully designed to offer an unparalleled experience. Test Server: Discord: (here) TAB Full version Version 4.0.3...
  2. arthurmcs

    RANKUP | DeluxeMenus Config | 28 Ranks v1.0

    Rankup menu with 28 total ranks, base menu has both money and mcMMO power levels as requirements for ranking up, you can remove 1 or the other, keep it as it is and change the values, or you could change it to a different method entirely. If you would like a version with a different method...
  3. G

    Aquatic Rankup mine - 80X76 v1.0

    A rankup map for minecraft servers. The Map contains a mineable area of 40x40, the entire map has an area of 80X76 blocks. The theme of the map is aquatic!
  4. Trust Team

    Survival RPG EN l ES v1.0

    ⚡ Exclusive server with RankUP system, daily/weekly rewards, upgrade system, auctions, exclusive dungeons, custom enchantments and much more ⚡ Server available for Spanish and English languages ⚡ Remember to test the server before making your purchase, this way you won't have any problems...
  5. Trust Team

    UltimateSkyblock EN l ES v1.0

    ⚡ UltimateSkyblock ⚡ ⚡ A skyblock with a lot of content, diversity and things to do, explore this wonderful world with us. ⚡ Remember that premium plugins make the server work correctly ⚡ Before buying the server please enter our test server. 🌀 (You can join our discord if you have problems or...
  6. pikz

    TebexRankup - Works not only on Tebex v1.0.0

    SUPPORT DISCORD(https://discord.gg/9qqSczwBaB): DISCORD.ROCKETSMP.NET don't mind here: virtualspawner, vspawner, zeltuv, tebex, tebex rank, tebex rankup, tebexrankup
  7. Diekieboy

    Rankup Configuration | 22 Ranks v1.0

  8. gianxd

    Configuration Rankup - Gian1carlo S v2.0

    What is this resource? This is a RankUp setup that allows you to complete certain missions to obtain a specific rank Why buy this resource? This is one of the few resources of a RankUp setup that is better structured, without any errors and currently active. What do I get when purchasing this...
  9. ferrumsi

    RANKUP MENU - Deluxe Menus, ItemsAdder v1.0

    This resource is a menu that allows players to purchase privileges with in-game currency. This menu also has a system for paying extra for privileges (can be seen in the demo). 2 Menu Styles Demo menu 1. without texturepack 2. with texturepack
  10. Hetti

    Ingame Currency Rankup System v1.1.1

    This is a rank up system for DeluxeMenus. There are a total of 14 rank slots with the ability to add more if you want to. All ranks have the commands setup for them, names, and prices. DeluxeMenus and Luckperms are required for this configuration to work. When players buy the rank they have to...
  11. turtle101

    [1.18.2] ☯ MineSlayer ☯ | +8 Jobs | +1200 Quests | Rankup System | Balanced Economy | And More ... !

    ➤ A little bit about our server MineSlayer is a Survival Server Like No Other, with so many custom plugins & active server developments! There is tons to do on our EPIC server! Join a job & sell items to the markets, level up and get access to exclusive perks . Join our weekly events and have...
  12. Giotek


    CONFIGURACION DEL PLUGIN RANKUP + PANEL PERSONALIZADO El pack incluye Archivo config.yml de rankup Archivo es.yml rankup Archivo rankup.yml de rankup Configuracion de los paneles utilizados Complementos requeridos: rankup (premium): CommandPanels(gratis): AurelliumSkills (gratis): 15 rangos...
  13. Jonathan Chung

    CMI Rankup Efficient Configuration

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a 1.17.1 CMI config of +- 30 Rank Upgrades. In these rank upgrades should include: - Rank names - Money Cost - EXP Cost - Stat Requirement (Travel 1k blocks, Kill 200 Zombies, etc) I'm using LuckPerms for my permissions and I will also need a list of all the rank...
  14. I


    This is an easy, cheap and fully editable GUI. It's a menu that contains 46 ranks whose features can be edited like cost, rewards, prefix and so on. If you need support contact me on Discord: Ender0x_#0001 - Easy to use GUI (there are instructions into the download file) - 46 ranks - Player...
  15. M

    Fully-customized plugins for your Minecraft server

    Fully-customized plugins for your Minecraft server "I did a complex project with Takacick and under tight deadlines. He did it like a champ! 10/10 highly recommended" -Ormen Hi, Takacick here... As the lead developer of a Minecraft network, I've spent hours working on plugins. I have...
  16. R

    RankUp Prison Minecraft plugin config!

    Hello! I am working on a minecraft prison rankup plugin config right now it has up to P6 but ill be adding more DM me on discord for more info brenbuster2k#7402
  17. SazMP

    Rankup Plugins

    Does anyone know a good plugin to go along with LuckPerms? I've tried EzRankPro I think is the name, and another paid one, but didn't succeed.
  18. Ammar_mc

    RevPrison Setup CustomEnchants v1.5

    RevPrison Setup | CustomEnchants | Unlimited Prestiges | Prestige Mines | AutoSell Features: Includes access to 4 premium plugins with updates (RevRankup, RevEnchants, RevMultiScoreboard, RevAutoSell) 95 EURO worth of plugins Custom Tags Smart Scoreboard (changes depends on your item) Custom...
  19. SSGSSDevilDog1998

    Need help with Rankup

    Hi I need help setting up the rankup plugin on my server, I'm willing to pay for the help. I have luckperms and rankup, generally those are the two pluginHelps involved.
  20. P

    Mine [World and Schematic] - High Quality v1.0

    DESCRIPTION: ✔ A beautiful mine to be used in a prison mine, rankup, factions or any server you create. IMAGES: INSTALLATION: WORLD: ✔ 1. Just add the "world" folder to your server's folder or put it in your minecraft's save folder. ✔ 2. Location of build is 1294 62 -1126 SCHEMATIC: ✔ 1...
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