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  1. RepubliCraft

    ️ RepubliCraft ✈️ Realistic City Server | Helpers and Administrators

    We are RepubliCraft managers, a team of dedicated gamers and players seeking a new, realistic simulation of real-life brought into Minecraft; we are introducing a Republic, US-styled government (hence the server name), a complete law enforcement system, economic and business possibilities...
  2. Samuel-LXX

    [1:500] Handmade Geopolitical Earth Map [Custom Trees, Terrain & Rivers]

    Size: 43,000 x 22,000 30GB (Premium Server-Side Downloading so you can continue to use your PC and Internet without any performance loss during the download) - Not currently used in any communities. - Custom Trees, Rivers, Biomes and an entirely hand-painted terrain. - Constructed from premium...
  3. Uranium_Ape

    [1.15.2] Realistic Injuries 2020-05-11

    Realistic Injuries Realistic Injuries adds multiple types of injuries to the game to spice up your servers difficulty. Features: -Breaking/Fracturing Bones- If a player falls 4 blocks, they will fracture a random leg. If a player falls more than 4 blocks they will break their legs. If a player...
  4. Vastapallo

    PROJECT BANNERLORD is Looking for Staffmembers, Builders and Creative minds!

    Apply here! Dear future staffmember, Project Bannerlord started it's pre-alpha in April 2020. I'm a student studying primary education and in my free time i'd like to make this server my new fulltime hobby, besides working and some other video games. Project Bannerlord is a low fantasy...
  5. X

    Completely recreate the real world physics in minecraft.

    So my idea is to create a mod that completely recreates the real worlds technology and physics in minecraft, to allow people to invent things in minecraft and then build them in real life. All gameplay would be rewritten so when you start a survival world you can't just punch a tree, your fists...
  6. LaxoYT


  7. Puck178

    ///Skyblock spawn///high quality and cheap!

    Hi MCM, I am selling a very detailed Skyblock spawn for only 5$ It includes: - A big underground shop that is easy to access from the spawn point - Above ground spaces for trading NPC's - A big underground area for mob-killing - An underground black market - A place to display rules, staff...
  8. Pickle_Dyck

    Highly Detailed Continental Range|1.5km x 1.5km|BIN:$20

    Continental Range: A large mountain range, falling into rolling hills with deep lakes. The map is highly detailed and perfect for any project/server you can think of. Pricing: BIN:$20 Contact: Skype: Awesomclunk9003 or Nicholas Wituik. PMC:
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