recruiting builders

  1. Goli

    💎 Entheria Network | ✔️ Recruiting/Hiring - Builders ⭐

  2. Goli

    💎 Entheria Network | ✔️ Recruiting/Hiring - All Positions ⭐

  3. 12th

    🌊🏴‍☠️ Innovative MMO | JOIN US | Builders Needed ⛏️🕳️

    Voyage Into Depths Ahoy Matey, Thank you for clicking into this thread! We are looking to recruit Builders on our voyage to create something the Minecraft community has never seen before. Although our ideas are big we are a firm believer in simplicity and innovation. We personally believe...
  4. B

    The Anarchists are recruiting, and you are a primary pick!

    Hi there! I have just recently made an account to start a build team: the Anarchists! The name does, in fact, mean that we will be building on anarchy servers. We will still build on every type of server though, as long as it's paid! Currently, the Anarchists are looking for members to join us...
  5. Theweirdman

    Builders For Build Team (Paid)

    Genlix Build Team The Genlix team is recruiting builders like you! Or, if you're looking for builders to hire, go ahead and join the discord too! To apply or hire us, join our discord.
  6. BadNub

    ⚔️ MC BRAWL- Staff/Dev Positions Available!! (PAY TBD)

    MC Brawl Greetings MC-Market Community! I am BadNub, I am an organizer of MC Brawl. MC Brawl is a prize pool/charity tournament that will invite 60-75 content creators put into teams of 3. The teams will fight for 1st place, there will be Survival Games, Spleef, Skywars, Block Party, and...
  7. T

    New server that needs staff

    Soarch Survival is a new server with the goal of making a fun survival based experience. Our server is based around a survival world where you can play vanilla survival along with a gui shop and in game ranks. The ranks give you different perks, be it the ability to change your appearance to any...
  8. Pat

    ✯ Riven Network Build Team Recruiting - Apply Now ✯

    Application link:

    Looking for Builders

    Hello! We're looking for talented builders to help us out with building small minigame maps as well as some bigger maps and structures for a special gamemode named Skylands (refer to the server introduction below for more information). About our server: The Absolution Network is an up-coming...
  10. Lyru

    {Rapture} Upcoming Custom Network | Paid | Dedicated Staff | Experienced

    Upcoming Custom Network Recruiting! {Rapture} We are a brand new server. We are planning on making a 100% custom Minecraft server. About us: Me and my partner are proffesional and experienced in making minecraft servers. Not all of our projects were really succesfull. But now we are planning...
  11. WorldLyf

    Verona! Recruiting all staff!
  12. Vexus Studios


  13. Evolve

    |✵The Hydran Network Is Recruiting Staff For Factions/Skyblock/Mini-Games✵|

    Hello everyone! As you can tell by our image above we are now recruiting for our already built and developed Hydran Network. We are looking to bring a large scale staff team so we can be ready for the amount of players we intend to bring to the network. Our current team is all senior management...
  14. sushibae


    Hello Everyone! We are currently looking for developers, builders and moderators for our GoT server. It is not necessary you are familiar with GOT, just that you are dedicated and will help the server reach its full potential. If you are interested either comment your discord name or message me...
  15. Guardian Master

    Looking For Quality Staff Personel

    Hello. We are looking for high quality experienced Minecrafters to become a part of our team to be. Here are the current positions we are looking for: Plugin Manager/Developer: Someone who can keep track of plugins, setup configs and fix or modify plugins. Helper: Someone who has a decent...
  16. A


    I recently bought a server and have the vision of having a towny/roleplay server... This server will almost be like SAO. Players start off as a peasant and work their way up the ranks by completing quests etc, as they get higher in rank, they gain new commands and eventually have the ability...
  17. Wout

    Recruiting Builders

    Hey there! My friend and I are willing to get back to Minecraft and we always loved to do builds and such. We are looking to actually do things with the maps because when we were alone we would have an amazing concept and just not finish it. It’s kind of a community thing but there is a...
  18. Y

    Looking for builders!

    Mutinies is expanding and we are looking for more builders! We are looking for builders who are fairly good at different styles of build. we are in need of some paintball maps (hardened clay only) and we are working on a map for a new mode we have started. Note: This is an unpaid position. If...
  19. Leviate Creations

    Recruiting 3 Builders for: Leviate Creations

    Dear MC-Market Builders, We are searching 3 experienced Minecraft builders for our new project. Leviate Creations 90% will be turned out to the builders and 10% for the project. Please PM us if you are interested. Kind Regards, Leviate Creations
  20. Pyranimus

    Naruto: Top Ramen (need builders, magicspells configs, devs, and more!)

    Naruto: Top Ramen is no ordinary Minecraft server. It is a part of a community adored by the hundreds. It features the finest of fine, especially in Roleplay. Our staff team, without a doubt, puts forth every ounce of effort into providing the community members, the best experience out there...
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