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  1. Sasa123


    We are hiring! Hello everyone! We are looking for an experienced builder to join our team. Who are we? We are a build team, who creates content for both Minecraft marketplace and free community websites. Requirements - 14 or older age recommended, but younger individuals may still apply if...
  2. alex.

    AuraSide Services |☆゚ Recruiting Qualified & Efficient Freelancers ☆゚

    AuraSide Services Is Recruiting Looking for people who have one or multiple of these skills : - Plugin Developers - System Administrators - Web Developers -Minecraft Server Setupers - Buycraft Setupers - GFX Designers What's out goal and why are we here? We are a service that's aiming to...
  3. Drinkers


    Introduction: Hello, and welcome to TenguPvP's OFFICIAL recruitment page. I would like to start off by saying thank you for viewing this thread... we are currently recuriting talanted YOUTUBERS/MEDIA and well trained STAFF Requirements: 14 years or older, have a mic and a valid discord...
  4. Sasa123

    recruiting members for my studio

    Hi Freelancers studio is looking for more people to join our team ready for all the upcoming commissions we will receive. We will provide you with commissions that we find and have for you, and we will make sure that you receive the pay you deserve. Commissions vary from $10-$1000 and...
  5. CpPlayz

    Godly Mines | Staff needed

    Hello MCMarket! Godly Mines is currently going through a mass recruitment stage, we are looking for dedicated and hardworking induvial with a positive mind set. What Godly Mines has to offer Godly Mines is a Skyblock server with quests and adventures that you can complete to earn cool cosmetics...
  6. GameSterDamian

    Just Survive|BEST SURVIVAL SERVER|Looking for Staff!

    What is Just Survive? Welcome to Just Survive. The survival server you've never thought of. Our server implements many new features to the game, but at the same time it's still the classic survival experience! What features do we offer? - Completely new world generator so you can explore...
  7. Mascher_

    Evolved Development is Hiring!

    Evolved Development is currently hiring for the following positions: Spigot Plugin Developers Discord Bot Developers Server Administrators GFX Designers Builders Website Builders If you specialize in any of these fields and want to take your talents to the next level to make money, add...
  8. TRA3

    Looking for Staff [URGEMC]

    Hello! My name is Trae also known as TRA3. I am a Developer on a soon to be released Minecraft server. We are looking for a few hard-working individuals to help us get through the beginning stages of server release. Unfortunately, we will be unable to pay staff members in the early stages but...
  9. qEclipse

    Management Services [UNPAID]

    Hey! I currently run a server called the Rale Network, we are looking for managers. These are the details: - Unpaid position (for now, payment will most likely be provided in the future) - Active Manager - One Slot (we will only be accepting one member) Requirements: - Previous Experience -...
  10. Summers

    Athedia Mc |Manager & Staff

    Athedia Mc Staff Application What is a staff member? A staff member is someone who devotes their time to the server. They make sure everything runs smoothly and handle player issues such as theft or griefing. You will be the official representatives of the server and will act accordingly. Staff...
  11. Pigsli

    Minecraft server coming soon!

    Hey. I am working on a minecraft server and am going to need people for some things stay tuned!
  12. Lukaii_xD

    Positions on VictrixNetwork

    Hi, I am a Network-Manager of VictrixNetwork and currently we are looking for a Prison or Skyblock Manager. What you would be doing is basically; You will have access to the console of the gamemode we decide to hire you for. You will also have to work on that specific server and get it ready...
  13. R

    Searching for Builders

    Looking for builders to help build a futuristic hub. (and more in the future) Contact me asap RelBreR#2486
  14. Connor_1617

    ||{Project:ALPHA}|| Encouraging All Applications!

    For More Information, Add My Discord: Connor1617#4934
  15. Aquanos


  16. Hypez

    Looking for staff

    Hello I need staff for our new faction server first lot of people will get accepted if there application is okay. So that should be good. Also you will be put as a Helper or Mod depending on the application style. Thanks IP : Custom IP will be added soon
  17. ZeneR1320

    Mythieval MC Needs Configuring!

    I need at least 1 Person who would be able to configure my server, I am asking for a few things to be configured so I need a person who knows what they are doing! The person applying needs to have at least 1 year of experience in configuring servers and have some proof that they worked on some...
  18. _8bit

    WANNA JOIN A NEW TEAM!?[Liqidox BuildTeam]

    About us The Liqidox buildteam is a new Minecraft buildteam that will be focusing on making all kinds of builds for servers (customers) and also some behind-the-scenes projects to show the world our building and creative skills. Liqidox is a very dedicated team of individuals that forms a great...
  19. Team Naturya

    Team NATURYA [Looking for medieval builders]

    Naturya is a new Minecraft buildteam that will be based on making medieval cities,towns,castles...We will not be doing commissions for money,we will just be building to have a great time.The projects we build will be shown on Youtube,MC-Market and Planetminecraft with a download link so everyone...
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