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  1. Diekieboy


  2. Diekieboy


  3. DomSloth

    Map Repair

    Greetings, I am: Looking for someone professional to repair an of the internet downloaded map. Chunks are missing, nothing too crazy. What you need is common sense, to understand the structure of the current map. Everything else falls under the category of basic building skills and transitions...
  4. Thundurh

    1.17 Plugin Update

    Hello! I need somebody to update one of my plugins to work with 1.17+. The developer has not updated the plugin, and I need it to work very badly. Will be paying to do this! Add on discord for more details! Discord: Thundurh#1658
  5. KamillPlayZ

    RepairPlus | Skript v1.0.1

  6. TeamDashCrafted

    $$$ I need a fix for my custom plugins

    Currently there are 2 custom plugins I have that I want major bug fixes for, and some feature addons. These have decently clean code but these developers have practically left me alone after reporting the many bugs their plugins included. I am looking for a developer who can fill that void...
  7. Drexful

    CapitalRepair v1.1.0-UNVERSAL-STABLE

    SERVERS USING - WarNation ( - PvPHeroes ( - Give players permissions to fix the item in their hand, or their inventory. - Very configurable, meaning you can change all sounds, messages and settings inside the plugin. - Lightweight plugin, will not harm or...
  8. bogeybro

    TE-AutoRepairEnchant (TokenEnchant) v1.0.2

    THIS PLUGIN REQUIRES TOKENENCHANT TO FUNCTION. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN BUT AN ENCHANT ADDON Created on TE-API 18.18.1 Overview This enchant allows you to get a chance to repair your tool to full durability while you mine. You can notify players via message, sound and actionbar when it has been...
  9. devyiatzz

    CloudRepair - The repair plugin that you've always dreamed of

    hello everybody, i'm here to introduce you my new plugin. CloudRepair - The repair plugin that you've always dreamed of. (I'm so sorry for the shit topic & english) Functions: Repair selected items for money (Vault support) Possibility to choose the items you want to repair Everything is done...
  10. iPanem

    ★ [HQ] Repair Tokens Plugin *UNIQUE* [FULL CUSTOMISATION] ★

    Hello MC-Market Users, Today, I will be selling my Repair Token plugin. It's a very simple plugin to use and worth the price. HOW IT WORKS: (A video tutorial will be posted below) Players can type /Repair or /Fix (No permissions needed) and they can either purchase 1x Repair Token, 3x Repair...
  11. Dori

    SuperGappleRepair v1.0

    Always wanted to craft SuperGapples on 1.9+? Now you can!! This plugin let you craft SuperGapple on servers using 1.9+ version too. Check this plugin out and let me know if you want me to add a permission node to craft SuperGapple. If you have any other ideas for this plugin (or maybe for...
  12. Farnsworth

    RepairTokens v1.1

    Commands: /addtokens <player> <amount> - Adds the specified amount of tokens to that player's balance. /savetokens - Saves the current token data of all the players in the server. /tokenbalance [player] - Displays current token balance of a player or yourself. /tokenrepair - Repairs a tool...
  13. KingL0rd

    Faction Village Spawn [High Quality] CHRISTMAS UPDATE & SALE v1.3 Christmas

    Faction Village Spawn Village Spawn - 8x8 Claims - 128x128 blocks - 1.8 & 1.7 Support The spawn has 4 different corners, the default spawn has 1 portal corner, 1 enchant & repair corner and 1 MysteryCrate corner. You're allowed to edit the spawn as you want after you bought this resource. The...
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