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requesting staff

  1. Princess_Emma

    New Skyblock Server Looking For Staff!

    NovaCraft is a Skyblock server with an amazing starting community, we are looking to expand our family of players and staff. The server is packed with exciting tags, kits, PVP, over 50 plug- ins and more! Our release date is scheduled for January 29th! We are looking for staff to help us with...
  2. AwimbaWeh

    SkyPixel Recruitment(PAID!)

    Hello! My Name is Krists and I am currently manager of this server. Who are we? We're minecraft server with name that is under 2 servers but hey why we can't do it? The difference is that we have custom plugins and we will have a lot more coming soon. The server is in development and we...
  3. Bunnnni

    PhantomHQ Season 2 Revamp| Requesting Staff and Builders

    Hello my name is Emily and I am the founder of PhantomHQ. And we are an hcf and practice and kitmap network. We are currently hiring as its season 2 and things are getting revamped. And we also demoted alot of our staff and we are now hiring once again. Out motto is Play to win. If you would...
  4. Deadman454

    404 Craft | Startup Team

    Hello there, you might remember me from AurumNetwork, I am currently working on starting up a brand new server called 404 Craft, it's going to be a more Player run server (still working that part out). Now obviously for a server we need a staff team, I work a Casual job so I'm looking for a...
  5. Bunnnni

    Discord MC Server that needs Staff And players

    Who are we? We are a group of individuals who strive to provide the best of SkyBlock, Prison, Factions, Survival and any other gamemode that we are planning on releasing in the future. All of these will be available for you guys to play on using our server IP which will be written down below...
  6. lasers

    Fyteria • Requesting Staff Positions » Helper | Moderator

    • Hey, my name is Cody! Some of you may know me as Lqsers, I haven't been on MC-Market in a minute, but I am politely requesting the following positions for the server Fyteria - 2 Helpers | 2 Moderators • What skills do you need to qualify for this position? • Willingness to handle toxicity at...
  7. Pedrayy (Accepting staff-applications)

    Not only proud to announce that we are making a comeback in the HCF community, but i'm happy to announce we are accepting, over 20-25 staff members, we are not only accepting low ranks we are accepting Mods all the way through Admin so join our discord, and feel free to fill out the application...
  8. qEclipse

    Long Term Staff & Developer

    Hey! My name is Ethan. Im a 14 year old Minecraft server server owner looking for staff and developers. My server is called the Rale Network. We are currently on the process of finishing the servers; kitpvp, and skyblock. We are looking for staff and developers. Please note: - We will be paying...
  9. Beafmagic

    Seven Skys Recruiting Staff

    Seven Skys Seven Skys is a traditional skyblock server, with a couple twists, such as Ore Gen and a bar. Seven Skys is still a small server, but with your help we can improve it even more than we already have. Even though we are a small server we have a committed staff team ready to help you...
  10. rehhs

    Staff Recruitment for RHQ Community Discord!

  11. oRory

    Imperium Factions, Needs Staff!

    Hey, Imperium Factions is a new Factions Server the will be launched very soon. We need all the help we can get from admins to moderators our discord is —————— Even if you aren’t applying for staff we would love to have you as part as of our community. We have...
  12. RIOT___

    CubeParty: Looking for paid and unpaid staff!

    Hello there! I am Thomas, senior staff member and server manager of CubeParty. as the title states "we are looking for hard workers and devoted staff". A lot of money, hard work, and dedication has been invested into this skyblock/economy server. Before we launch and go public we need a staff...
  13. A

    SexyLandMC looking for staff members

    Hello there i am Anthony the Owner of SexyLandMC Some stuff about the server: SexyLandMC is a skyblock-kitpvp-future factions server. We are a team of 5 friends with a vision. We have always wanted to create a minecraft server where pay-to-win doesnt exist and hackers have gone extinct. So we...
  14. JustJarvoo

    Requesting If any of you guys would like to come and work on a cool server!

    Hey guys my name is JustJarvoo and I'm here to talk to you all about a server I'm currently working on! The server is called GiftedMC but hopefully will soon be changed to VorceNetwork and we are under development and are in need of staff at the moment. If you are interested in becoming a staff...
  15. kylet122


    Hello, I'm Kyle. I own a factions server with many custom features but were looking for some staff. I already have a Manager, but I need some developers, admins, mods, and helpers. Please add me on skype for further information and an interview. Skype: totoxblaster108
  16. William27528

    Tales of Firma - Looking for developers to create custom plugins for our server!

    Hey there! Thank you for showing your interest in Tales of Firma. Here, on this thread we are looking for talented Developers. But what is 'Tales of Firma'? Well, Tales of Firma (ToF) is a Minecraft Multiplayer RPG (Sometimes referred to a MMORPG, though we don't consider ourselves 'Major'...
  17. Lampbork

    UHC Staff Needed!

    Hello, I am the owner of KairosCraft UHC, which is a Reddit UHC server. It still has a few things to touch up but I plan on hosting games within the week. I need mods and helpers to help me spectate UHC matches so if you are interested in becoming staff on my server you can apply here. I am...
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