1. WalidTechPro

    XS theme | Premium Tebex Template v1.4.1

    Transform your Tebex store into a cutting-edge online marketplace with XS Theme, a premium template meticulously crafted to redefine elegance and functionality. Elevate your gaming community's shopping experience with XS Theme's seamless integration and stunning design, ensuring a captivating...
  2. LixelHD

    Allay Tebex Template - Includes Addons v1.1.3

    Discord support: Lixel
  3. Porii

    Social-Media Links | Responsive v1.0

  4. Porii

    Voting Site | Minecraft Server v1.0

  5. Porii

    S A L E | HomePage | animated | HTML5 v1.0

    Here's my full responsive and modern Homepage for you. Every Site has animated elements! Heres a Video about the animations: HOME SITE TEAM SITE UPDATE SITE CONTACT SITE Installation 1) First read the "Readme" File 2) Put all things on your webserver 3) make sure...
  6. Porii

    Portfolio | HTML5 | responsive Design v1.0

    Welcome to the future of Tapscroll's Landingpage – where sleek design meets unparalleled functionality. Our responsive webpage template offers a seamless and engaging experience for users, ensuring your online presence is as cutting-edge as your product. DEMO Responsive...
  7. Porii

    Minecraft Server Website v.1.5

    Hello! Iam Tapscroll, iam a FrontEnd Developer and i create websites on fiverr and website templates for mc-market. I have created a website for you and your minecraft server! Its a modern and responsive website for all devices. Demo: (you can open the site with your phone for the mobile...
  8. LixelHD

    SKULL Tebex Template + Rank table addon v1.2

    SKULL THEME Responsive Tebex template Features: Custom rank category Sale icons Animated hover effects Works on mobile devices EVERYTHING can be easily changed within the style preferences Edit colors in 5 minutes Support DISCORD: lixel Screenshots + PREVIEW VIDEO
  9. GeniusWolf

    Niva | Unique Tebex Theme v1.0

    Home Page Category Cart Popup Login Installation 1) Login to your tebex dashboard and then go to Webstore > Apperance >Theme > Change and click on "Create Custom Theme". 2) Set the theme name to "Niva | Unique Tebex Theme" and copy and paste everything from the style.css file you...
  10. MrDimiXD

    Maintenance Website | Progress Bar v1.1

    Elevate your site's downtime with our meticulously crafted maintenance webpage. Perfect for any business, application, or individual site that requires a sleek hiatus notification. Not just a static placeholder, our maintenance page offers: Responsive Design: Ensures a seamless experience...
  11. MrDimiXD

    Web Portal | Particles - Copy IP v1.0

    ⚡ MINECRAFT PORTAL⚡ Discover the ultimate landing page for your Minecraft server. This top choice offers click-to-copy IP functionality, theme support, server status updates, and a responsive design. Customize the portal to match your server's theme and create an engaging and visually appealing...
  12. CalledCracki

    Minecraft UI Landing Page v1.0

    FULLY RESPONSIVE - MC LANDING PAGE - HTML & CSS A free MC Landing Page inspired by ByBilly What this resource contains: Fully responsive website design Modern UI/UX Design 100% customizability Feel free to change anything however you like Excellent visual design Everything looks very clean ^^...
  13. AppoCS

    Minecraft Website for Servers responsive v0.5

    Features: Fully responsive design; Looks great on computer, tablet & mobile. Made for lagg free! User-friendly interface; Modern, visible and lively colors! Customisable: Read terms/permissions/readme/etc before editing! SEO optimisation: Meta tags to help boost your sites ranking on google are...
  14. GeniusWolf

    Niva | Unique MineStore Theme v1.2

    Home Page Category - Comparison Category Cart Staff Profile Popup Login Installation 1) Go to /var/www/minestore 2) Put all content from to the folder and replace all files. 3) Type cd /var/www/minestore and npm run production Adding/Changing servers on mainpage To...
  15. Hoknee

    {REQUESTING SERVICE} Need help finishing my website & making it fully responsive

    Privately Message me please if you want to discuss further. I pay in $ USD.
  16. Maldred

    🌟 Get a FREE Custom Website Developed - Bring Your Design to Life! 🌟

    Hey everyone! Are you looking to boost your online presence? I'm building up my professional portfolio and offering FREE website development services for a limited time! Don't miss this chance to turn your design into a fully functional, tailor-made website without spending a dime. 💸 What's in...
  17. Alfanise

    ✔️ Web Development & Design 🔥 $12/page ⚡ High Quality

    Hi, I'm Alfanise. I create modern and optimized static websites for businesses and portfolios. My SEO optimization includes keyword-focused pages with alt tags and metadata. I ensure compatibility with screen readers by describing all images and buttons. For maximum quality, scalability, and...
  18. exooticdesigns

    Selling any type of template : Portfolio , agency , Shop , Services , Wordpress , Shopify

    Contact me Shankii#0314
  19. ArnorF

    Pearl Theme | Stand Alone Website v1.0

    Standalone modern responsive website This resource is a standalone website coded with Next.js and Tailwindcss, It's responsive and lightning-quick, and is perfect for any new or already established servers. This is our first product in our Pearl Theme lineup and will in the end also include an...
  20. Voxtility

    Selling 1 Page Host Website $2.99

    Contact Me: ollieball#4398 (preferred) [email protected]
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