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  1. NiczzyGFX


    Professional YouTube & Twitter revamps to make your channel #1 CHECK MY ACCOUNT I HAVE VOUCHES STARTING PLAN Price: $6.00 Starting plan revamps ONLY will be made to accommodate either YouTube or Twitter revamp. *This revamp will be made for only one site PRO PLAN Price: $11.50 + Pro plan...
  2. Chewynald

    I need a revamp for my YouTube channel . New Logo and Banner !

    I need a graphics designer that can revamp my youtube channel. I need a new banner and a new logo, but really don't have any ideas. If you're interested in this job reply with your discord tag and I will add you ASAP!
  3. I


    Welcome to Legends Realm! I am ImSoHYPEE and I am the Media Manager for Legend Realms. We are currently looking for staff at every position! Mods, developers, YouTube ranks and more! Legend Realms is a faction server that offers a very fun way to enjoy a classic game mode with some great...
  4. RyanTheRyan

    MyMcWeb Revamp BETA (Server Website template) SUGGESTIONS

    Hello! I have been working on revamping my resource MyMcWeb ( This will be an entirely new webpage that focuses more on servers. I have started working on it and i'm looking for some suggestions on what I should add! Let me know. Here is the pre...
  5. DjagaDjaga

    Discord server revamping (EFFECTIVE & CHEAP)

    Hey there! I am offering Discord server revamping and/or Discord server setups. (Check below) There are a lot of inactive Discord servers which have high potential. I have worked with and owned a lot of Discord servers which were not really in a great situation. For example they had 500...
  6. R

    HCF, PotPvP, UHC players please read!

    as an HCF network owner. Well one upcoming, we want to release HCF, KitMap, Practice, UHC, Bunkers, and some sort of SG. NOTE: we are not copying at all! Names will be changed but most people know them as those above. And it’s 2019 not 2016 xD But I would like to hear from many people that...
  7. Absolut3_Zer0

    | Andrew's Service Hub | High Quality Low Cost Discord Setup |

    Andrew's Service Hub Portfolio available upon contact. I do not create/develop Discord Bots. Discord Server Setup/Creation/Revamp • Complete Discord server setup or revamp of an existing one. • Genuine customer care and a custom plan for the project. • Complete bot setup and configuration. •...
  8. Absolut3_Zer0

    Andrew's Discord Setup/Revamp

    Andrew's Discord Services Having set up many high-quality Discords and actively serving as an administrator and technician for three, I am able to offer a high-quality, comprehensive Discord server setup or revamp for just $2 per server*. What this entails: - Complete Discord server setup or...
  9. Stxq

    Professional + Experienced Discord Server Manager - 250 Member Discord Community

    Hey everyone! I currently own a discord server with 250 members that I would like to revamp. I'm currently seeking a professional discord manager that has reputable experience in discord management specifically. I constantly average around 50 active online users 24/7 however just not the most...
  10. WiLDX_


    -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! This Is A Config Revamp, This Is For The Plugin Auction House. Plugin Needed: Auction House This Is A Config File For The Plugin Auction House, This Will Change How Your Auction House Looks, Change It From A Old...
  11. Rearranging

    2D Social Media Revamp

    clean social media revam for only 5$ Includes - Banner - Header - Profile Pic - Png of text - Phone Wallpaper (optional) - Face Cam Border - Stream Overlay ** DM ME FOR MOVE EXAMPLES! **
  12. Snide

    Twitch Revamp

    Hello felllow MC-Market users, I'm currently looking for a FULL twitch revamp. What do I mean with a full revamp? - Cam overlay - Header - Logo - Panels U get what I mean. Price can be discussed, no current budget. If you reply please add a portfolio if you have one.
  13. Ihcarus

    VOUCH COPIES - Niiitro Designs (2D Thumbnails, Headers, and Banners) (Non-MC)

  14. Kdroidog


    Selling for $15! What you are getting: Intro - Drawn profile picture This is a steal as this would be all worth over $30!
  15. jwleesf

    (NOT CHEAP) Top Quality Art

    For anyone tired of all these amateur artists and want to see some high end art representing their interests, look no further. My Pricing: $50 for logo $70 for banner $20 for icon ALL NEGOTIABLE UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES YouTube where I have posted many MINECRAFT art timelapses...
  16. I

    In need of Custom Spawner Upgrade Plugin

    Hello, I have been looking around the market for a good coder/developer who could code a Custom Spawner Upgrade plugin for a factions server I am Admin on. The server is CoalitionNetwork, a server that is currently revamping, and will be releasing 6/29/16 (Wednesday). I was wondering if there...
  17. Griz

    Grizzly's Professional Graphics Shop | 25% OFF ON EVERYTHING!

    Accepting OG Acc's and Capes as Payment! SKYPE NAME : Yeyoplaysgames PORTFOLIO :
  18. AdityaTD

    400+ Subs Channel Rewamp!! Need Channel Art and Avatar!

    Hey there folks, so I hit 400 subs a few days ago and I feel like my channel is getting unprofessional 1st my videos and 2nd my schedule. The channel art and Avatar are main reason for viewer abandonment. Now I am re-doing my whole channel, my video style, my video quality, editing etc. I want...
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