1. FavioMc19

    ReviveMe v3.9.7

    What is ReviveMe? It is a plugin that will give second chances when you are about to die! When you are killed you will not die. you will change your status to "Down" and you will be able to move in the world freely but when your time is up you will die Ask a friend to revive you before you die...
  2. Smiil3_

    ZTM - Survival Setup | 5 Colors & More v1.1.0-BETA

    *ZTM = Our brand "Zippo Team by" [1.20.4] | SURVIVAL SETUP | RED-AQUA-LIME-YELLOW GRADIENT CUSTOM GUI | SKILLS | MARS | TAGS & MORE.. 『 The most beautiful design ever made with a fabulous gradient in Minecraft 』 Server Software Version History 『 1.20.4 - Version | Update 1.1.0+...
  3. TiNYsx

    Skript | TiNY Revive me v1.4.1

    TiNY Revive ME! This is a simple revive me skript. You can add any item on your hand to the revived item list. When a player uses it on another player, it will revive the other player. You can change the config in skript file. If you find any bugs, please tell me. I will fix it as fast as...
  4. K

    Revived StrongHold Skyblock | EXTRA v1.9

    ⬤ StrongHold vs StormPower(link) ⬤ What's the difference ? ▶Stronghold version is classic where's StormPower is overpowered. ▶The Economics of market Buy/Sell is Tripled at StormPower. ▶There are more plugins added to StormPower Version. ▶Every version has its own unique spawn design theme...
  5. MT

    Selling Revive:MC

    Introduction Back on April 15th, HiveMC shut down. A lot of players were suddenly left without a place to play their favorite minigames on! Out of the ashes, came ReviveMC looking to well, revive the minigames Hive had. The project has been lead by two developers who have been working on it for...
  6. PixelMine

    Pixelmon Item Icons 2 v1.0

    10 Top quality Pixelmon item icons for any Minecraft Pixelmon server shop, use them all or just a selection.
  7. xLyam

    Space SkyWars Setup - EN/ES v3.1.0

    👨‍🚀 HELLO ASTRONAUTS 👨‍🚀 You just found the best Skywars setup your server needs! Here you can find some features like: LSolo Mode, Team Mode, Ranked Mode, Rankup System, Custom Maps, Custom Menus Language System, Rewards, StatusTags & more. Our current price is low since this setup is at 20%...
  8. CureMe

    Revival ⭐ Custom Revive Plugin ⭐ ($1)

    REVIVAL This is a custom plugin which I created called Revival, hence I have all rights to sell it. Features: Toggle-able features (e.g. Teleport to death location and many more), File storage (when the server restarts or the plugin reloads, no data will be lost, EVERY message is customisable...
  9. Rockville


    REVIVEHCF Map 1 MapKit: Sharpness 1, Protection 1 (12 man, 1 ally) Koths will last for 5 minutes each. Trailer: Hello everyone! I am here to inform you that ReviveHCF will be hosting their SOTW for map 1 on November 3 @ 4pm EST. We have 5 minute KOTHS and we will be hosting weekly events. Join...
  10. Gunny

    Mc-Market Server | Revive it! | Actually look. Don't shit-post.

    Okay, so this has probably been brought up before. I think we should try and revive the mc-market community server. I personally enjoyed the hell out of it and made some good memories on it. I would love for the server to be back up and running. It is the one server I could relax and hang out...