1. MonkeyBoi

    HQ Build v1.0

    *Features: Large in Size Spacious Many Separate Rooms Grand Looking Well Detailed
  2. Rickylachow

    Motels / Hotels v1.1.9

    Dependencies: WorldGuard, Vault Optional Dependencies: PlaceholderAPI, GPS Description: Motel brings the exciting addition of motel rooms to your Minecraft server. With its innovative rental system, you have the freedom to rent as many rooms as you desire. Each room features a virtual storage...
  3. BreadBuilds

    Aztec Progressive Dungeon v1.0

    Product information: Aztec progressive dungeon with multiple rooms and big library Size: ≈ 465x300 Versions: 1.8 - 1.21+ Start spot Multiple rooms to fight Many staircases, corridors, bridges Big library Room with a dinosaur skeleton Room with a aztec mask A river running through the dungeon...
  4. xLyam

    Space SkyWars Setup - EN/ES v3.1.0

    👨‍🚀 HELLO ASTRONAUTS 👨‍🚀 You just found the best Skywars setup your server needs! Here you can find some features like: LSolo Mode, Team Mode, Ranked Mode, Rankup System, Custom Maps, Custom Menus Language System, Rewards, StatusTags & more. Our current price is low since this setup is at 20%...