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  1. B

    LF - RPG Server Setup

    I'm on the hunt for a Minecraft RPG server setup that's perfect for my kids. We're keen on giving them a safe and fun RPG experience in Minecraft, but without some of the usual online hassles. The big thing for us is making sure it's kid-friendly. So, we're talking no PVP, a safe space without...
  2. R

    Starlynx Realms | Survival & RPG | Searching for an Admin Team and Developers

    PLEASE READ IMAGE FIRST. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our post! Currently we are about halfway through the development of our survival server. We hope to release our survival server in the next month. We currently have the basics configuration just about finished and plan to...
  3. FabledRealms

    FabledRealms Is Expanding Its Development Team

  4. PlagueisTheWise

    ProTrak Tools v1.0.1

    What is ProTrak+? ProTrak+ revolutionises mining. By redesigning mining, players are rewarded for putting in the hard yards and getting rewarded for their efforts. ProTrak+ is designed to fit any server play style - whether you run an RPG, Prison, or Survival server, there are plenty of...
  5. TheVedel1

    ⚔️ Realms of Eternia ⚔️ Update Thread - Upcoming RPG Server

    We have officially revived the previous Realms of Eternia project! The Realms of Eternia is an upcoming custom made MMO RPG server, with unique elements that have never been implemented on any server before. This includes unique crafting systems, quest systems, combat system, dungeon system...
  6. TamelessWorld

    Tameless World | Open World Hunting Adventure RPG Server

    Welcome to Tameless World You’re an adventurer. You want to adventure, but you also want a place to call home. From an old boat captain to a crocodile hunter - plenty of people live in Tameless World hunting for adventure. And you're one of them now! Built for those who crave the adrenaline...
  7. Sam Conner

    GajoCraft | Creative / Design Team (Voluntary & Paid)

    What is GajoCraft Here at GajoCraft we have a vision to create an immersive RPG experience. One on Minecraft which is simple to pickup, yet bring hours of grinding gameplay. We are looking to create a completely custom gameplay experience like no other, centered around the individual player...
  8. Omidius

    OmiHealth [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.2.9

    OVERVIEW OmiHealth is a powerful yet lightweight plugin designed to add a lot more health options to the default Minecraft! This plugin is perfect for survival or RPG servers. There is an added item, the Health Upgrade which if the player manages to get the items together to make and consume, it...
  9. Omidius

    Double XP Weekend [1.12 - 1.16+] 50% SALE ! v1.2.4

    Pictures & screenshots here: Full config. file here:
  10. A

    Looking for Builders and Loremasters [Sereves project]

    Hello Minecrafters. I come to you today to show off our latest project (Some bits shown above) The Sereves Project, we're making a huge custom world, 21k by 19k blocks in size, created in WorldPainter. The world is based off of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting we've been working on for...
  11. Chestnut

    Asian Gang | Looking for Staff | Asian Fantasy Semi-RPG Survival

    Asian Gang started off as an Asian themed Discord 18+ community that went live in 2020. With plans to expand into Minecraft, we are bringing an Epic Survival Server to you with Lite RPG elements, celebrating the spirit of Asia! Our community is home to people from all walks of life, all across...
  12. helixcraft

    HelixNetwork | Factions | Guns | Rpg server | Builders Needed |

    Hello Our network is looking for talented Builders For Our server We are a custom factions server Our server offers new way to play factions Instead of Lame weapons We added Guns and boss raids our server had many custom raid bosses with a rpg like feel to it join now Discord...
  13. V


  14. Daraheyse

    Castevien RPG Survival Server RECRUITING ALL STAFF!

    Castevien Welcome to Castevien! We are a Survival Questing RPG Server! We are currently looking for all staff positions, please join the discord at the link below to apply! Includes features like Survival Quests Levels Mythic mobs Season rewards Custom items Fabulous...
  15. B

    Looking for YouTubers [PAID]

    We're looking for youtubers, big and small, to promote our server on their channel. We will pay, price to be negotiated. About the server Oppidan's Space is our new SCI-FI RPG server. That's right, the only server of it's kind. We have over 50 quests to take you on an adventure through space...
  16. Nock

    Looking for a Partner / Co-Owner for a unique MMORPG Server

    Hello there ! i hope you're having a great day . Asteilia is an idea that came to me and my friend , we're RPG enthusiasts , We want to make THE most unique minecraft server ever seen we aim for perfection we want Asteilia to be the best RPG experience anyone has ever had on minecraft . We're...
  17. Faceguy

    Builders, RPG server

    Looking for some builders for a longstanding (8 years) RPG server. Doing a fairly large scale content update, and need some assistance. Large variety of projects available, from terraforming to dungeons to buildings and towns Many common building tools available, additional added upon request...
  18. Deathdusk


    BCRAFT NARUTO VERSION: 1.12.2 SERVER IP: mc.b-craft.org SERVER TRAILER WORLD LEAGUE TRAILER SERVER DESCRIPTION BloodCraft Naruto Realism is not an ordinary gaming experience. This server distinguishes itself by providing its players with the greatest Naruto experience that it can...
  19. RlyTyler

    Admin for Towny & RPG Servers

    Hello, everyone! I’m currently looking to recruit a new admin for my server’s team. Each admin manages a subteam or section of my server, and I’m currently recruiting a Quality Assurance admin. If you have experience with this and are interested, please contact me via PMs on mc-market or reply...
  20. A

    ɴovυѕ-Competitive RPG Server {Recruiting Builders/Devs}

    Novus is an upcoming combination of servers, the 'network' per-say, as a whole is a NEW and FRESH gamer experience... It adds EXCITING ROLEPLAY elements to a survival game-mode such as: ❗️Custom fantasy worlds for players to explore ❗️Custom dungeons that you can conquer as a party or brave it...
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