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  1. ecry_

    SchoolPlus [1.12.2 <-> 1.19.x]. 0.1

    Commands and permissions: /createclass <class name> - Creates a class - permission: school.createclass /deleteclass <class name> - Deletes a class - permission: school.deleteclass /class <start / stop / join / leave / add / remove> /class <start/stop> <class name> - stops/starts a class if...
  2. KingDannyOne

    Classic School or Mansion - 140x120 1.0

    The Classic red brick School A 140x120 school grounds. Great for your city or for every purpose you need it for.
  3. Sako

    Service Closed.

    Service Closed.
  4. Konrad

    StudentHub - Connect with your classmates

    StudentHub is an application made for students from students. StudentHub makes it easy for students (in a classroom) to work together and help each other. The application saves everything in the cloud so that the data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Link (Google Playstore)...
  5. Syddo

    Timed Class Announcer

    I run a small School Roleplay server and I've been trying my hardest to find a plugin that I can use to announce what class is going on at a certain time. Most time based plugins I've found are based on a player joining and not on the server time itself. I have 10 classes, interval periods in...
  6. P

    IlvermornyMC - Coming Soon...

    Attention Potterheads! Based on the original story written by J.K Rowling "History of Magic in North America" we at the Ilvermorny hub are working hard to bring the story to life! We are still in planning mode but that doesn't mean you cant register to our forum for future references...
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