1. ShadowCorp

    Sci-Fi Training Map | Dollar Tech v1.0

    The Map Includes Spawn area Rally Area Faces Training Room Formation Drill Room Sparring Room Gun Range Lots of open spaces
  2. DoomerTheDev

    Omnicide v1.1

    Description Omnicide is an Grab & Go Exclusive FPS open world game featuring a Fully scripted sci-fi theme and much more. The game plot is In response to the threat of extinction, a group of individuals formed known as the extants. Take on the role of one of the few remaining human survivors...
  3. Naruvus

    High-poly Star Wars Coruscant Map v1.0

    Expansive high-poly textured Coruscant map. The map includes: Exterior Area for foreigners spawning, styled as a small space port 2 level Border Crossing with scripted group doors Sewer system underneath the city with a secret entrance Gun store, Cantina and Bank buildings Huge maze-like...
  4. C4RLOZ

    This map has been sold

    INFORMATION ABOUT THE MAP Version: built in 1.12.2 Size: 270x200+ (it can be more) File Type: .schematic file spaceships Portals Main npc's + space for npc's around the map High Detailed Space for holograms Crates PRICE AND PAYMENT METHOD Price: $30.00 Payment Method...
  5. DoomerTheDev

    Interstellar OST v1.0

    Description Bring your game to life with a pop/rock soundtrack Full Sound Track Length 2 Minutes and 11 Seconds Perfect for sci-fi and space themed games 11 Second Audio Sample available for free
  6. DoomerTheDev

    Jedi Temple On Ilum v1.0

    Description Jedi Temple on Ilum includes a small-medium sized outside area and a beautiful temple with Holocron vaults/meditation chambers and more High quality Map Combat training room lecture room library/archives JC chambers kaggath room/arena Highly detailed
  7. DoomerTheDev

    T-79 AE v1.0

    Description A high-quality imported gun model fully scripted with AE High Quality Detailed Fully Scripted ( AE ) Easy to setup
  8. DoomerTheDev

    Sci-Fi City v1.0

    Description A really big and high quality sci-fi city map. High quality map High quality models Really big map Cheap
  9. DoomerTheDev

    Coruscant v1.0

    Description Coruscant is an amazing star wars map, Coruscant is the capitol of the galaxy in the star wars series. This map is fully scripted, highly detailed and fully customizable to your liking! And it comes for a low price. Very detailed High quality Decently sized
  10. DoomerTheDev

    Sci-Fi UI Hud v1.0

    Description With this Sci-Fi Hud you can create a better and more visually appealing simulator UI. These UIS were made for your game! High quality Customizable Comes fully imported in roblox studio Comes with 5+ UI Assets
  11. DoomerTheDev

    Star Wars Morph Pack V1 v1.0

    Description A Highly Detailed set of star wars morphs, Perfect for star wars games. Great for Roleplay Purposes Ultra Realistic Very detailed High quality
  12. DoomerTheDev

    Interactive Menu v1.0

    Description The Interactive menu features a 3D main menu with three customizable tabs: Home, Shop, and Settings. Additionally, the menu displays the username and profile picture of the player. Comes with 2 Versions, Dark and Light Comes with a Home Page, Setting Page, Shop Page Comes with a...
  13. DoomerTheDev

    Sci-Fi Health Bar UI v1.0

    Description A sci-fi themed health bar UI, Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 Easy to setup High quality design Customizable Compatible Fully scripted
  14. DoomerTheDev

    G-SW Blaster System v1.0

    Description One of the best sci-fi blasters available on the market with two camera modes first person and third person, customizable, easy to set up, and a sprint, tilt, crouching system Third person and first person support Comes with the ability to sprint, tilt and crouch Comes with 7...
  15. Naruvus

    Sci-fi SCP Facility v1.0

    Mid-poly facility located in an arctic biome. The map has an exterior and interior area that includes: Heli Pads Hangar Security Checkpoints Multiple labs Reactor Medical Bay Offices Armory Cafeteria Class-D Containment Facility doors are keycard operated and the clearance level can be...
  16. DoomerTheDev

    Project 77 Menu UI v1.0

    Description A remake of the cyberpunk UI, with sleek and modern style! With this main menu product, you can give your players a smooth introduction to your game. This would be an excellent choice for any sci-fi game. A smooth transition between pages A high-quality user interface A smooth...
  17. Leap Development

    Coruscant v1

    This Coruscant map is a huge map containing 2 different borders, a cantina, an undercity, a Republic base, hangars, stores, and lots more! The border is a one booth border with a massive city on the other side. The undercity is split into two different sections. In the main city, there are...
  18. Naruvus

    Sci-Fi Colony Buildings Asset Pack v1.0

    Includes 8 variations of run down sci-fi buildings and a second set of the same buildings with closed doors, great for maps with urban fighting. File type: .rbxm
  19. Naruvus

    Sci-Fi Colony Base - Border RP Map v1.0

    High-poly sci-fi base featuring checkpoint style entrance, prison, armory, cafeteria, rally room & garrison rooms. Outside of the base are several abandoned buildings and small raider camps set in a canyon-like crater. Includes a kit of all the props used in the map and a set of modular walls &...
  20. Naruvus

    Star Wars Tattooine Building Kit v1.0

    Includes: – 19 Building Variations (exterior only) – Door models, window models, roof props – External wall details – Backyard Wall and Door (scaleable) – Tatooine style water towers File type: .rbxm
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