1. Naruvus

    Detailed SCP Facility Kit v1.0

    Large SCP Facility building pack with hallway segments, door models and specific rooms. Easy to set up and includes a furniture pack to detail your facility!
  2. fayex

    Project Zeta v1.0

    Introducing Project Zeta, 🚀 a revolutionary game development platform that sets a new standard in both quality and affordability, surpassing anything currently available in the industry. With a focus on ease of use, versatility, and top-notch performance, Project Zeta empowers creators of all...
  3. Naruvus

    Sci-fi SCP Facility v1.0

    Mid-poly facility located in an arctic biome. The map has an exterior and interior area that includes: Heli Pads Hangar Security Checkpoints Multiple labs Reactor Medical Bay Offices Armory Cafeteria Class-D Containment Facility doors are keycard operated and the clearance level can be...
  4. TechX

    SCPF Large Logo Set v1.0

    This set contains the main logo and 17 other divisional logos. The divisional logos in this set: Administrative Department, Manufacturing Department, Logistics Department, Engineering and Technical Department, Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Internal Tribunal, Ethics Committee, Scientific...
  5. Naruvus

    SCPF Door Kit v1.0

    Door System with 5 doors and 5 keycard levels, easy to set up and add more clearance levels! Includes 5 unique doors and keycards.
  6. Naruvus

    Sci-Fi Colony Base - Border RP Map v1.0

    High-poly sci-fi base featuring checkpoint style entrance, prison, armory, cafeteria, rally room & garrison rooms. Outside of the base are several abandoned buildings and small raider camps set in a canyon-like crater. Includes a kit of all the props used in the map and a set of modular walls &...
  7. Naruvus

    Scripted SCPF Door System v1.0

    The asset pack includes 8 door variations that are opened via keycard. There are 5 color coded clearance levels: Green -1 Orange -2 Blue -3 White -4 Red -5 Higher level keycards can open lower level doors!
  8. Naruvus

    Modular SCP Map v1.0

    Includes multiple containment levels with SCP containment zones, offices, storage rooms and a nuke site. I’ve also included all the assets I’ve used in the building along with multiple door models for the different levels. The modular segments fit like building blocks and are easy to set up in...
  9. Naruvus

    High-Poly SCP Facility Map v1.0

    Detailed multi level facility map. Includes Class-D containment, HQ, security, monitoring rooms, armories, office rooms, laboratories, cafeteria and 3 different levels of SCP containment connected with working elevators! The map is modular and more sections can easily be added to the map, comes...
  10. Memento Mori

    Site 19 v1.0

    SCPs: SCP-012: Experiment outcomes modified with lightning control and vertical manipulation. SCP-035: Possess test subjects strategically placed on the map. SCP-049: Pathfinding NPC compatible with advanced door system. SCP-055: Enigmatic SCP inducing selective amnesia. SCP-173: Iconic...
  11. raiyan9

    Site - Bravo Facility v1.0

    Introducing SCP: Zone Bravo Immerse yourself in the meticulously designed world of Zone Bravo, tailored for the SCPF universe. Here's what awaits you in this expansive map: Core Features • Expansive Design: A sprawling map with the breadth and depth tailored for SCP enthusiasts. • Containment...
  12. raiyan9

    HCZ Hallway Pack v1.0

    Why Choose HCZ Hallway Pack? Take your SCP game environment to the next level with the HCZ Hallway Pack. Designed meticulously for game developers aiming for high-quality, interactive SCP worlds, this asset bundle doesn't just meet expectations—it surpasses them. Superior Detailing: This...
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