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  1. julien081

    Search map for 6 players

    Hi ! I search a map made (or not) for 6 players in 1.18 preferably. It must be a map with more than 10h of game. I think an objective survival or a CTM can be good but I don’t find any one yet. Si if you have an idea or a map send me here pls :)
  2. A

    Builder Pixelmon Theme

    Hello, i'm french owner Pixelmon server. I need a builder for terraform and improved map build that i send you. This map is a tower battle, that is 70% finished. You hust have to add more details, spawn location (sport pokeball), and mountains around. If you are interested, contact me on...
  3. Qrow

    [SELLY, SHOPPY, AUTOBUY, SELLIX] - Shop Template - Admin Panel - Search - Category & More 0.0.01

    DISCORD: Qrow#7606 Telegram: Qrowio
  4. A

    Imm looking for a good config

    Helo, i am looking for a developer or a good config strike practice my dsc; alk0mat#6621
  5. A

    search a strike config

    Helo, i am looking for a developer or a good config strike practice my dsc; alk0mat#6621
  6. NAK Service

    Saturne Network | Owner Recruitment

    Good morning, I'm the owner of Zolux (a practice french server formerly known and currently closed), I'm reopening a project requiring more budget than what I have at the moment, so I need a second person with the passion to create servers, and thus to put all his support. What kind of games...
  7. CJ_MC9.8

    We are searching tech for our server!

    We are searching tech for our theme park server! Are you familliar with commandblocks, redstone and other technical stuff! Our server is a theme park based off Epcot. Reply if you’re interested!
  8. Ally

    TIP: Use tags on all your threads.

    Making a thread. When you make a thread, say for selling, you should probably make sure you use the tags box right under your message. When you add tags, not only does your page become more visible (say to Google, who actively looks for tags on forums like MCM), you can make people who want to...
  9. Ally

    Chatlogs! 1.0_REVISED

    You can find the latest releases at my Github repo, along with my source code: Source code Releases Search your chatlogs with ease!
  10. Nikl

    [FREE] LMGTFY | Let players answer questions with SE links

    ☛ Support chat on Discord Let Me Google That For You If you don't know what the name means click here, i'll show you ;) The plugin can be found here Usage: /lmgtfy <query> Or shorter: /lmg <query> Example: /lmg whatever you want to google comes here Using this command will create a...
  11. redrum64

    Search Results Overpowered

    Simple game, You know how everytime you create a thread it asks for tags? I wan't everyone who sees this to post one tag for anything imaginable, and ill make a second post to this using every tag. I'll start Towny
  12. McNuggets

    Search Button

    There should be a Search bar that you can type keywords in which will show results of possible searches, this will make things easier when trying to find an account name of interest for sale, or just a filter that filters what Minecon capes are being sold. This will save many people's time, and...
  13. Croc

    Using search feature while logged out results in 404

    I came across this bug today in my testing of the search feature. While logged out, a search query url returns a 404 page. Click this link when logged out...[date]=1483484400 Replacing just the domain part of the url with...
  14. UniversArt

    Designer search for manager

    It's not cuz i don't have clients or i can't sell my art. But i search for a "manager" not a team, a guy/girl who can talk with clients, search for them, promote and all this stuff cuz Gary Vay said "Don't force you to make what you are not born to make, you can be only entrepreneur or only...
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