1. Palomero33

    VENDO NETWORK en español (VENDIDA)

    Vendo network completa de minecraft en español. Contactame por discord: Palomero33#7485 IP: WEB: Ahora mismo hay solo 2 modalidades activas: Anárquico y Survival Earth, que es una modalidad survival con el mapa del planeta tierra, pero si compras la network te...
  2. Lotus Creations

    Ocean Lobby with organic / Exclusive + Resell Rights + Render [$ 30.00]

    Information: Map rich in details with structures and organic. The map is compatible with all versions from 1.12.2+ The map size is 150 x 150 No map is place for 6 NPCs place for crates For more information, prices and photos: Open a ticket to finalize your purchase...
  3. etiennesasf

    [Offering] Hyzon - Unreleased Potential

    I'm looking to sell my server Hyzon. Its a survival server with unique features. Information: Server is not released yet and has much potential to be one of the best Survival Servers. Host: What is included in the sale of Hyzon? Domain of the server (
  4. Cliquant

    SellPortal v1.13

  5. Andrius91

    Selling my resource & rights | + 300$

    I am selling ownership of my PandoraReports resource, this includes: Access to source code Resource ownership All sales rights Wiki Link: Starting bid: 80$ / Negotiable If you are interested contact me on...
  6. KudaXD

    💎[SELLING] 💎 Skyblock/Prison Network | Loads of Custom Plugins | Setups Ready For Release | $2k-4k Each Map!

    Contact Information Discord: KudaXD#4444 Why am I selling? Wanting to pursue my passions outside of Minecraft and I want to find a perfect owner for my players so when I leave they still have everything to look forward too! I also want to live my life more. Don't waste my time If your going to...
  7. uikamil

    SellixMe - Standalone website v2.0

    THIS IS NOT A TEMPLATE UPLOADED TO SELLIX. YOU NEED WEB HOSTING TO USE THE TEMPLATE PROPERLY. Terms and conditions Sharing downloaded resources with third parties is prohibited. You can edit resource files. You can use resources for your own purposes. You cannot resell these resources or...
  8. RoyalMagmaYT

    ⚡LiptonSky Skyblock - Vente UNIQUE

    Bonjour, Je vends mon serveur Minecraft Skyblock appeler LiptonSky ayant fait plus 165 co (sans boost) a l'ouverture ⚡Présentation en vidéo: Discord de 800 Personnes Authentification du serveur Serveur Bungee Serveur Skyblock Serveur Lobby Nom de domaine Plans Bots discord custom...
  9. Phanthyo

    [FR] Sale of my OneBlock server, French server

    Good evening everyone, After a few months of opening, I sell my OneBlock type minecraft server for sale. Unfortunately, I don't have time to take care of it at all and the players are leaving the server little by little, so it is with regret that I put it on sale. The server is mainly developed...
  10. T

    OG Minecraft Accounts

    Hello! New here. I'm looking to buy/sell OG Minecraft accounts. Does anyone have experience with doing this here at MC-Market? From what I gather, members need to meet some requirements to have access to this section of the site? Does anyone know if the forum category is still active, or worth...
  11. bigboyben2152

    TheBridge Network┃2 Gamemodes┃Custom Plugins

    THEBRIDGE NETWORK TheBridge is a reputable network with Skyblock and Factions, the reason i am selling this network is because i no longer have the time nor enjoyment for the minecraft server communities anymore. Here i still want TheBridge legacy to continue but i can no longer provide the...
  12. B

    Selling Established factions servers with everything included

    If you are interested in purchasing our factions server please add me on discord stopage#6081 or leave a reply with your discord. We have had over 300 people online at one time and made profit the first season of release. What I am selling exactly: Factions server, discord server, the tebex...
  13. T


    hi, I am looking to sell a server with over 25k+ members, has over 400 boosts, and is pretty active. we’ve been known to break the record of most people in a stage & have grown many new servers today. dm me @ tekii#6666 on discord if you’re interested. thank you.
  14. Walson

    Selling My Server "Ecstatic MC"

    SELLING MY SERVER - ECSTATIC MC SURVIVAL First of all, I am Wals the founder and developer of this server. I would like to discuss here why I am selling this server despite the server is still growing. In this channel, I will explain everything and I am selling this server for over $150 If you...
  15. Jafar

    AngelMC Network

    Hello, i'm selling AngelMC network What i'm selling: Discord server: or domain: Logo: as you can see above Files 5 gamemodes 1 hub 1 bungee videos from the server (Not mine one of the players recorded it) Price: negotiable For...
  16. makemorelove

    GoodMinecraft .com

    Selling as is. No setup assistance. - I will transfer the domain to your registrar, preferably namecheap. - I will .zip, export and mail you or provide you with a download link for all the system contents on the server. I will not guide you on how to setup anything. There's a...
  17. Funnychip098


    Hi folks, I'm selling the domain (A play on the word derivative). I initially acquired this domain with the intention of creating an eCommerce site for selling nerdy/geeky apparel. The logo references how a derivative is denoted in math f'(x) and the web design utilizes a modern...
  18. YoMoGamer


    Hello. I am YoMoGamer. I am looking to sell a minecraft SMP server for £150. The ip of the server is so you can check it out for yourself. Also dm me on discord my user is YoMoGamer#1621. Nothing fancy on this thread I just need an owner for this server.
  19. John Pranzo

    Buying auto joins

    I am buying 500/1000 auto joins. Please add me! BusinessMan#0473
  20. G

    Looking to buy a factions server

    Anyone who wishes to sell their factions server get in touch with this thread looking for one asap decent player base needed