1. W

    Settings GUI v1.0

    This is a settings gui menu where you can toggle: -Payments -tpa requests -tpahere requests -fastcrystals -nightvision -private messages -chat messages
  2. Kann

    Emerald theme | Minecraft Server Website v1.0

    Multi-purpose Minecraft-themed website template, perfect for your server or personal use. It features Minecraft-styled elements like buttons, backgrounds, and more. Note that the carousel part is just an example and the theme doesn't include any blog.
  3. TeaFrog

    Dodo Society Minecraft Server

    Hi there, my names TeaFrog I'm here looking for staff and people to help me build a server, as of now its not much of anything, but with a couple people helping me I think I could easily get things up and running. The kind of staff I'm currently looking for are, Dev's, & Builders. later on I...
  4. Titeey_

    PlayMides Unlocking the Future of Minecraft Gaming - Investor Opportunity

    Welcome to PlayMides, an innovative Minecraft server that presents a unique investment opportunity in the ever-growing gaming industry. As we strive to become the leading server nationwide, we invite potential investors to join us on this thrilling journey. Discover how PlayMides is...
  5. Peona

    🎨 Minecraft Server Logo - CoralHaven

    :cool: Hello guys. Today I will introduce you the Minecraft logo that I specially designed for the CoralHaven server. I would appreciate it if you would let me know your opinion about the logo. Theme : Sea Construction Time: 2 Days
  6. A

    I’m looking to buy a op prison

    Hi everyone I’m looking to buy a OP Prison server with op enchants a pvp area including a spawn mines plots and even donator mines I would like to try and find someone who is selling this as I’m willing to buy but it needs to have plots mines spawn donator mines pvp area custom enchants and...
  7. M

    Looking for servers too work on (Big Networks Released)

    Hello McMarket I hope you are all doing well today, I will be listing my requirements in this and please be respectful and comment your discord if your serious. If need necessary will be shared in on discord dms. Requirements: Owners of servers must be over 18 Have a Mature Team Must be...
  8. flickzyyyy

    Marketing and management services available

  9. TailiMTO

    Looking For Staff @ MineTube (Survival)

    Welcome to MineTube! A Semi-Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server. Hey there, I'm TailiMTO! The Owner of a new Minecraft server project - MineTube. As for now, MineTube is under development. We are working on the Minecraft server, discord server and now starting to work on Marketing &...
  10. Hitjain579


    Need a really high spec dedicated server provider
  11. TailiMTO

    Looking for a Minecraft Server Partner

    Hello! My name is TailiMTO! I'm currently looking for a person to start a server with. (Minecraft Survival Server) EXPERIENCE I have owned a successful Minecraft Server in the past, owned, setup, configured and managed the server Shockwave Network. INFO I'm looking for a person that will be...
  12. TailiMTO

    Minecraft Server IDEAS for a Survival Server?

    Hello there, I'm TailiMTO! I recently decided to start a new Minecraft Server with my partner. We would really like to create something original or new that has not been used before. Ideally we would like to create some unique and original themed Survival Server (SMP). What could the server...
  13. TailiMTO

    Looking for INVESTORS for a Minecraft Survival Server!

    Hey there, I'm TailiMTO! I'm currently working on a new Minecraft Server with my Partner. So far we have made quite a lot of progress on the Minecraft side, and so we have on our staff team. We are still looking for developers and other staff positions. But now we need a person that can help us...
  14. TailiMTO

    Looking for STAFF! (Minecraft Survival Server)

    Hello my name is TailiMTO! Im looking to create a new Survival Minecraft Server. We have started to work on some basic setup and server configuration. Server Name: MineTube I'm looking for: DEVELOPERS (Help with server setup) BUILDERS (Help out with building whatever is needed!) STAFF...
  15. Reflex Hosting

    Reflex Hosting | $1/GB | Fast Support | Premium Minecraft Hosting at an Affordable Price

    Description Reflex Hosting is a game hosting provider to give users a fast and easy-to-use experience on managing or playing on their server. All Reflex Hosting services comes with high quality hardware and a sleek and easy-to-use panel. Server Specifications All servers come paired with: Ryzen...
  16. C

    Discord Server Selling 50 members 10 dollar Paypal

    I selling discord server for 10 dollar Chestir1337#5976 contact
  17. thespaceman

    New custom gamemode - need experienced developer

    Hey! I’m currently in the works of creating a new custom gamemode and I am looking for an experienced developers to help me to bring these ideas/creations to life! This is a long term position and if you are interested in making something that has never been done before, feel free to add me at...
  18. O

    Get Yours Now

    Get 25% Discount in checkout while using 25%evonets starting 30-03-2022 till 30-04-2022</b> Visit our website: https://www.evonets.net/vps Visit our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/EGyC323muZ
  19. Gimjaou1

    New minecraft server searching for developers, staff, builders and advertising managers

    Hi i am gimjaou1, i own a small minecraft server called mystic legends and we are searching for developers, staff, builders and advertising managers. If you want to apply dm me on discord. My discord: Gimjaou1#5616. Requirements: - must own paid minecraft java - must know how to do what you...
  20. Semify

    DeluxeMenus | Server Settings | FREE CONFIG v1.0

    ✨| DeluxeMenus Server Settings |✨ FREE CONFIG Made by Semify PICTURES:
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