server developing

  1. Jacktheguy


    What I Am Looking For I am looking for a server owner that knows how to edit and add plugins to a server. You can decide what server you would like to run and you will be paid a % of the profits. What Will You Need To Do You will need to create a server from scratch but not having to pay...
  2. HaloPvP

    High Quality Server Setups! Fast, Cheap, VouchCopies Available

    Prices: All Negotiable depending on the size. Factions Servers - > $5 SkyBlock Servers - >$5 Prison Servers - > $5 Any other Servers - Contact On Discord: DumpTruckLove#1027 1.8 servers will be the cheapest. I can make a server compatible with 1.12 and 1.8. If you ask really nicely i might make...
  3. KeaneServices


    I am a experienced Minecraft Developer! I can code in config's and much more! I *Cannot*Make plugins. I have been a developer on previous servers which turned out very good! Any other questions about my service either message here or message me skype. Skype: KeaneServices56 My prices: ~ One hour...
  4. iwillfightyoucmn


    NOTE There are no refund when it comes to things like this, we barely have rep, I know. We will not scam you we own a minecraft network to show you as a example! You will find the IP at the bottom. We hope if you buy this, you enjoy it! If you buy this you agree to a no chargeback policy...
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