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  1. Targeters

    [SELLING] Slot 5 timeslots on

    Dear BuiltByBit, Today I'm here to sell of various timeslots on Dates: September 8th-22nd Slot Number: 5 at the top of the website Rates: Negatable. Bulk hours or days results in large discounts. Here is a spreadsheet with all available timeslots, please contact me on...
  2. KevinMCFind

    👀🌎📸 📸 💎 Promote your Minecraft Server Today 💎 🚀 New Growing Server List 🚀🌎👀

    Hi there and thank you for stopping by! Looking to promote your Minecraft server then come check us out! We are a brand new server list looking to help you advertise and gain players today! Votifier, sponsored slots, and user friendly layout all available at a click of a button! More planned...
  3. Shylor

    🎩 Minecraft Top 🎩- New Toplist - From the Developers behind Discord.Me

    HELLO, WE'RE MINECRAFT TOP Let's not beat around the bush here. Minecraft Top is pretty new to the Minecraft space. We're the team behind Discord.Me and being long time Minecraft players, we thought we should jump in. If you are seeking fame and fortune, then maybe we're not...
  4. ArrowTan

    What are the best serverlists to get paid ads at?

    Okay so as you can see there are alot of serverlists but not every serverlist here gets site visiters. So i'd like to know which serverlists provides ads below 20$ a week. I'm currently trying to find ways to advertise my practice server as we've exhausted the free ways and they've never worked.
  5. M

    MCVote.EU Minecraft Server List with Discord Server Lists

    » MCVote.EU « MCVote is a New ServerList so anyone can catch up in votes to get a place on the first page Votifier is Supported and we have a discord bot on our partner discords for extra promotion of our listed servers.
  6. Forodin

    ⭐⭐ Non-Profit ⭐ Custom ⭐

    Got a bug report/suggestion? Join the discord and let me know!
  7. ItzSams

    ✅FREE Minecraft Server Listing Site✅| Brand New!

    Welcome to the Official Thread for the ServerList-MC Voting Site! We are a brand new site offering free and paid server listing for Minecraft communities of all sizes! As we are brand new, this gives you a great opportunity to rank your server up to the top of our site! ;)Paid Listing...
  8. ItzSams

    Minecraft Server List Domain Needed

    Hello, I'm In need of a catchy Minecraft server list website domain. Drop me your domains with a price and I can see what I can do! We can also use a middle man service to have a smooth transaction. Thanks, Sam :)
  9. Ayataligillani

    Advertiser| Gaining more attention to my site (PAID)

    I am looking for highly experienced individuals who can contact server owners, and ask them to list there server on our voting site. Please contact me if you are willing to bring more server list members + atttention to the site.. Inbox me on MCM or Discord: Aya#1242 :) !!!
  10. Ayataligillani

    MINECRAFTMP.ORG - Free Premium for 15 Days

    What is is a multiplayer server list for Minecraft that ranks servers by user votes. How do I vote for a server? To vote for a server visit the server's page and click the green vote button. You will then be required to complete a Captcha for security reasons...
  11. ElectronJS

    ServerList Website

    It has a MySQL Connect everything works with a working payment more info at my discord HyperFrank#0001 Website:
  12. Ayataligillani

    Advertiser / Manager | Gaining more attention to my site.

    I am launching a new minecraft server list voting site, with the URL: "" I am looking for highly experienced individuals who can contact server owners, and ask them to list there server on our voting site. The general idea is that the server list site, will have 2 categories 1...
  13. BJ Developing

    Looking for slots on any serverlist (Big Budget)

    Hey Im to owner for skybling a 2 weeks old skyblock server If you have any slots i would love to buy them i have a big budget so hit me up Discord: basjansen02#5157
  14. KyroKrypt

    MOTD Configuration (ServerListPlus) | Clean Look | Constant Updates 1.0.0

    The perfect configuration to provide you with a great look for users joining your server! Buy this configuration now while it is extra cheap, as there will be many more themes arriving shortly! Features: - 6 Different MOTD/Hover Message Configurations! - Consistent Updates -...
  15. Queso

    TopG Premium 180 - Slots Available For Your Server

    I have slots open for TopG Premium 180 available for your server. I know many new server owners cannot afford this as it is currently a $234 up front cost for the premium banner, outline, and 300 bonus votes per month. I will add your server to my Premium plan for $15/mo at a 3 month minimum...
  16. SpicyGun

    MCSERVERS.NET | looking for players?

    Hi all, I present mcservers. We would like to deliver a service for players who are looking where to play and servers owners who want to get more players. The website has just been setup, and we are looking for new members to help us make the website grow. First 5 advertisers will get 30...
  17. Riquerty | 3 VIP Slots Available - Low Price!

    Hi, we've recently added a 3 VIP slots to serverlist Serverlist is popular in the central EU (Germany, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, France and so on). Serverlist has currently ~2200 visits daily and ~3400 at weekend days (5000-6000 views per day on average). VIP price is currently...
  18. Riquerty - New Minecraft Serverlist

    Hey, I would like to show you minecraft serverlist This serverlist was recently (few months ago) upgraded to a new version with English support, since then, there was only few European translations, so that's the reason why are most servers here from central EU - there is not...
  19. duhPhilly

    ⭐️TOPMCLIST.ORG ⭐️JUST RELEASED ⭐️ GROW YOUR PLAYERBASE ⭐️ Will be implementing a premium option aside from sponsor to the first 25 for a limited time. Should be up and applied within the week.
  20. UniSteven

    Discord serverlist

    Hello all! Last year I released my minecraft serverlist website and a few weeks ago I've redone lots of the internal code to be able to add more features and games. The newest update comes with the ability to advertise your discord server! For all of...
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