1. mementomorifrog

    Selling my 50% Stake In Grab & Go Productions

    I'm taking offers for my 50% stake in Grab & Go Productions please send your offers/enquiries to [email protected] 1716207418
  2. IronMans

    Investment | MCDefend

    MCDefend Hello, not asking for charity here looking for investors to put money into my company for a % of the share of the company's profit. The company has not opened publicly but we plan on opening a DDoS protection to the public. A website will be made soon aswell. There will not be an...
  3. Ices1

  4. Function

    Share your snapscore!

    No clue, but I saw someone post their snap score and I was interested in making a thread. I'll go first, I've had this account for a like ~1 year.
  5. ShadoTheLunatic

    Looking for Partner that can manage Development

    Hello, I'm looking for a partner that would be able to manage development for a dead project that I was in a while back that I want to revive. I can budget everything, as I have a lot of ETH waiting to be spent. This individual must be trusted, and know what he/she is doing. I just really don't...
  6. 24214

    Youtuber/Experienced Community growth

    Hello, I'm a server owner who had been making small attempts at growing a community for 5 years and realized that its time to look for help. Looking for someone that has experience in owning servers as well, or just simply working very well on them to grow a playerbase. My server is nearly...
  7. Kush Patel

    TopG Advertising Spots!

    Hi, I am interested in buying a TopG advertising spot. I was wondering if anyone would like to buy a day (or more). PM me on here or skype me at: kushpatel0703. Thanks, KushP1
  8. TheTuberX

    GameArea - Server staff!

    Hello! Im the Owner of a brand new Server we opened yesterday officialy! As usuall every server need a good Server staff and im looking for it. I need admin, moderators, Builder, and 1 stable Developer. Forum website: You can apply so staff there! Just register...
  9. brunyman

    MySQL Player Data Bridge v4.14.0

    A bukkit/spigot plugin to share any player data across servers. You can share data as: Economy accounts, Inventory and Armor, Enderchest, Potion Effects, Experience, Health and Food levels, Game Mode and Location. More data to sync will be added in time, if you have a request then post it in the...