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  1. Jdsgames

    Shattered Shooter 1.0.0

    Simple mechanic: Glass breaks when hit by projectiles.
  2. Eisenbahnn

    Youtube Cover / Dark/Shooter Gamer Theme (PSD Included)

    Ello! Started this product and @Farmkitecarry didn't liked that much. Still pretty fine for using. Could be used for Facebook or Youtuber Cover, for example. Fully Layered 2048 x 1152 px res Anyone wanna make any offer? BIN: 19$ At 100%:
  3. Colosst

    ITHACIA || Unique Expansive Sci-fi Shooter || Looking for Builders and Beta Testers

    Ithacia is an upcoming futuristic gun based server influenced by Destiny and Borderlands, with a variety of fun and interesting gamemodes. Only one mode will be open at the start of testing, however every few weeks a new gamemode will be released. Mechanics In the vein of games which serve as...
  4. NeedAFraction

    Vanity™ Setups✦PreMade & Custom✦Cheap & Quality✦

    Payment All payments are through PayPal.You will pay 50% before the server is finished and 50% after it is finished I will also accept CS GO SKINS Gamemodes : KitPVP, Skyblock, Factions, Survival, Prison, Networks, and More! Packages Tiny - $1-4 Small - $5-8 Medium - $10-25 Large - $20-30 My...
  5. The Golden Apple

    [RE-OPENED] Quality Minigame Map Services | Hungergames, Survivalgames, PVP & more!

    Hello everyone, Many people make terraformed maps, but not too many people make maps for minigames. Exept from my normal Building & Terraforming service I already offer here I also offer Hide and Seek, Hungergames, Quakecraft, PVP maps & more from now on! Check out my Premade Build shop here...
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