1. iSnakeBuzz_

    BetterShulkers v1.0.2

    Features Open Shulkers with Right Click. Customize Shulkers size. Checks to prevent dupes. Highly optimized. Installation Download the plugin and put in your plugins folder. (Test on Spigot) Restart your server to generate the plugin folder. You're done, follow the how to use instructions...
  2. Artillex-Studios

    AxShulkers | Open Your Shulkers Anywhere v1.7.0

    /axshulkers reload | Reload config /axshulkers clear | Turns shulker in hand into a normal one axshulkers.reload axshulkers.clear axshulkers.modify (defaults to true, set to false if you only want read-on Source Code: If you need Commissions...
  3. Artillex-Studios

    AxInventoryRestore | Backups To Shulkers v2.2.0

    Command Description Permission /axir <player> View backups of player axir.view /axir save <player/*> Make a manual save axir.manualbackup /axir reload Reload config & messages axir.reload /axir cleanup Clean up old database entries based on the configured time axir.cleanup Source...
  4. G

    Shulker Preview Plugin v1.0

    Shulker Box Preview Plugin The Shulker Box Preview plugin enhances the player's experience by allowing them to preview the contents of a shulker box before opening it. With this plugin, players can simply right-click on a shulker box, and a preview inventory will open up displaying the items...
  5. ThatBoyHenry

    The End Themed Bedwars Map! v2021-04-22

    NOTE: If for some reason, the images on this resource aren't working, you can view screenshots of the map here. Below is a breakdown of the schematic files included in this product: bw-end-central-island.schem ==> Central Island of map. It's here where emerald generators are placed...
  6. ExplosiveNight

    I am selling, which could be a brandable short domain for a hosting company or minecraft server. The domain redirects back here as proof that I own it. The domain is currently registered with Namecheap, I can either transfer it to your Namecheap account and you retain the last 11...
  7. THKlasen

    ✨ Diamond Shulker Shops ✨ - Diamond currency ChestShop

    ◈ Welcome to DiamondShulkerShops ◈ This plugin is an alternative to other item chestshop plugins that use virtual currency as payments. This plugin requires players to pay with diamonds for the items that they are buying. As such it is completely independent from any economy plugin, including...
  8. Croc

    BUNDLE PRICE REDUCED! Minecraft Mob Bundle "shulker" dot com/net/org/io/co

    PRICE REDUCED! $550 $250 for the set Escrow or Crypto only Note: I will not sell these separately
  9. LuckyBowers

    Selling the domain '' as I no longer need it for my MC server! Registered @ Namecheap exp. Dec 21st 2017 Whois guard active Offer via PM, accepting payments via PayPal only
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