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  1. SeanCreatif

    RPG Signs/Shop Carts Pack - Vanilla Themed v2

    RPG Signs/Shop Carts Pack - Vanilla Themed Signs: -Shops -Tavern -Auction -Jobs -Food -Adventure -Blacksmith -Stables -Potions -Enchants -Black Market -Jeweler -Hunter -Butcher -Portals -Quests Directional Street Sign Pets Directional Street Sign Farm Directional Street Sign Town Directional...
  2. necamy

    LockedSigns | 1.14 - 1.16 | Lock signs with a password or pin 0.1

    Config file: Proof of ownership: - In base64 - Normal
  3. StxffTP

    FREE | Refill Signs.

    I used to work for the owner of aodus as a staff member also a part-time dev. Here are the Refill Signs that he wanted. Long story short, The kid is a ddoser, scammer etc. Some ppl wanted this so i guess i'll release it here for people in the future.
  4. alejandrosuz


    Hello! I am a professional Spanish designer specializing in minecraft. Today I come to offer my services. My jobs last about 1-3 days depending on the difficulty that I require. The price may increase according to customer requirements. I leave my portfolio. In addition to what is offered I also...
  5. ephan

    PromotionEssentials 2.0.3

    Promotion Essentials is the master promotion plugin! Promote players with Time, Signs, Passwords, Tokens, Money and Kills! I am completely dedicated to this plugin, so don't worry about not getting support for your version of spigot! This plugin is perfect if you don't have time to promote...
  6. NV6

    Kit Selector HCF / KitMap 0.1

    REMOVED » Plugin was broken (loads of errors) I just cba to remake it for no money, i could make one for $4 if someone contacts me (will include sourcecode & support) Expect some projects upon MCMarket soon ;^) Discord » NV6#9199
  7. R

    | Swapping SkyPvP Signs | 1.0

    » SWAPPING SINGS « ______________________________________________ » Description « Boored of your same old free signs ? Want a System thats way fairer than just hiding items at the same spot all the time ? Well this plugin is perfect for you! ______________________________________________ »...
  8. ImKrizz

    [HCF] Elevator Signs $5

    Features Overworld Only Mode. Anti Combat Sign Use. Custom Messages. No Commands, simple usage. No permissions either. Works with iHCF Cores, (TheCore, ParaCore, etc.) Elevator signs The elevators are controlled with signs. To create a sign, use the following format [up] (Configurable) -...
  9. ItzSiL3Nce

    SimpleELO [Holograms] [Signs & Heads] [TOP List] - WG Support - Placeholders - Configurable

    What does it offer: Simple ELO System Configurable "ELO Modificator" Spawn Kill prevention (Spawn kill won't modify the ELO) TOP List accessible by performing /topelo or /elotop the numbers of players to show in the top is configurable. Players can see their own ELO through /elo...
  10. HarleySwtfus

    Shop With Every Single Items [Factions, Skyblock] [ALL SHOPS AND PRICES INCLUDED] [CHESTSHOP]

    Hey guys, today I am selling yet another Minecraft Build! This is a cool server shop with all the signs/prices/item frames included in it! Price: $10! PM Me if you want to purchase this build! I hope you enjoy! here are some images:
  11. Nightxx

    ColorShop v1.0

    ColorShop v1.0 ColorShop is an idea that I came up with while helping my friend set up his own server, I thought that the usual sign shop plugins looked dull and boring so I decided to make my own version of them but more colorful and unique. This plugin includes a better laid out Sign Shop...
  12. BloorocksDotD

    Bloo's Essentials Sign Shop!

    Hey guys, so recently someone asked me to do the signs for their essentials shop for some money and I figured, sure that's not too hard. After doing it I realized that while it may not be hard it certainly can be rather time consuming, so here's what I'm offering. I'll setup your essentials...
  13. ItsTheGuv

    Bungee Game Signs & Queue Signs

    1.7.10-1.9.2 SUPPORT UPDATE! THANKS FOR 64 PURCHASES! BUY THE PLUGIN HERE: SALE ONLY £2.85!! Bungee Game Signs Description: Own a mini-game network and need a game sign system for players to join games? Want a cheap...
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