1. PizzaThatCodes

    AutoTrash v1.0

    AutoTrash is a must-have Minecraft plugin for versions 1.14 to 1.20.4, offering seamless inventory management through its permission-based system. With customizable settings, players can automatically dispose of unwanted items based on their assigned permissions, keeping their inventories...
  2. X

    Minecraft landing page v1.0

    Look no further! I've created a simple and easy to use minecraft server website that's perfect for any player. LIVE DEMO Features: Copy server IP address: simply press the button and the IP address of the server is automatically copied to the clipboard. No more manual entry! Multiple buttons...
  3. ShadowCorp

    Sci-Fi Training Map | Dollar Tech v1.0

    The Map Includes Spawn area Rally Area Faces Training Room Formation Drill Room Sparring Room Gun Range Lots of open spaces
  4. ShadowCorp

    Simple Main Menu | Dollar Tech v1.0

    Customizable game title credits, and changelog
  5. ShadowCorp

    B1 Lancer | Volt Incorporated v1.0

    - Fully Scripted with GS Taco Kit - Working Bombs - Top quality - Easy Setup
  6. fskryanttv_

    Simple vKit | Config v1.0

    THIS CONFIG IS MAINLY FOR PRISONS! (But can be changed for other game modes very easily) Why is this Simple? well the reason why is its done without a nice animation and is for people looking not to spend to much money on configs. Is their a advanced/animation vKit Config? Well Yes, you can...
  7. G

    PvPZone v1.0

    A FREE pvp zone for a practice server
  8. Zalbus

    Legend OneBlock | Custom OneBlock Setup v0.6

    Quick Overview: With over 1+ month(s) and hours over hours of work working time: This setup is a simple custom and clean Starter OneBlock Setup! It officially supports 1.20 up until 1.20.4 (Native 1.20.1) and can hold a lot of players. Please keep in mind, this setup is a very simple OneBlock...
  9. DoomerTheDev

    Simple Lighthouse v1.0

    Description This pack consists of one singular lighthouse and can bring some great detail into your game or map. It has a lot of detailed assets, such as house numbers, textures, lighting, etc. P.S: no interior. High quality models Cheap
  10. DoomerTheDev

    Simple Menu UI V1 v1.0

    Description A simple, modern, customizable menu suitable for any game. Comes wtih smooth transitions Comes with a Profile UI Customizable Fully Scripted Easy to setup
  11. DoomerTheDev

    Simple Menu UI V2 v2.0

    Description A simple, modern, customizable menu suitable for any game. Comes wtih smooth transitions Comes with a Profile UI Customizable Fully Scripted Easy to setup
  12. I

    Simple website for Minecraft server v1.0

    SIMPLE WEBSITE FOR MINECRAFT SERVER. This is a web page made with ReactJS, Bootstrap and CSS, super simple for your server and with a guide so you can customize the page to your liking. Page Sections ● Home. ● Rules ● Staff ● Tienda & Discord => Hyperlinks to websites Topics to consider To...
  13. ImageWorks

    Simple Contemporary House v1.0

    Features: High quality build Well detailed Empty interior
  14. C4RLOZ

    Simple Prison Mine v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION Size 90x90 Classic themed Cheap .Schematic file 1.12.2 version or above IMPORTANT : Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down.
  15. Strategeek

    Simple Main Menu v1.0

    A basic main menu for all your need. This product provide the following: Remove all core guis while on the menu (leaderboard, chat, inventory etc) Tweening. Blur on background. Player can’t move while on menu (and can when play button is pressed). Showcase...
  16. Strategeek

    Simple Phone System v1.0

    This product provides the following: UI. Phone with calling and messaging system. Only people with the MDT tool can access to the gui. Only people who knows the password can access to the calls data. Background blur when you use the MDT or the phone. I heavily modified it and I have resell...
  17. ShadowCorp

    Military Event GUI | Dollar Tech v1.0

    Military GUI Functions: - RulesGUI displays a set of Rules and after 5 seconds the user can either accept or decline the rules. If the user declines they will get kicked from the game, if they accept then they can play the game. Includes smooth animation and sound effects when you click a...
  18. ShadowCorp

    Overhead UI V2 | Twelve Spade v2

    Simple and easy Overhead UI V2 This gives a player an overhead display that would display their username and ranks. Easy To Configure Simple To Modify KOS Display AOS Display VIP Display Custom NameTag Display Username Display Current Rank Display
  19. ShadowCorp

    Datastore Inspection | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Datastore Inspection This system allows you to view other players’ stats in-game. - Easy To Configure Mobile Supported Sound Effects - Simple To Use - Displays User info along with their Stats
  20. ShadowCorp

    SSU System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap SSU System This product the player within the group ranks to start an SSU and other players can receive the SSU invite. When host ends the SSU everyone who has joined the event gets XP. Simple To Configure Easy To Modify Simple Designs Easy To Interact Kick Feature SSU...
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