1. LemonNinja

    Management services || Cheap || Reliable || Understanding ||Experienced || Available!!

    Contact me if you have any questions or to view my resume! Comments would be much appreciated!
  2. Forsaken Services

    Looking for Skilled Freelancers for our Service Team

    Hey, we are looking for people to join our Service Team. To apply to NRS make a ticket in our discord, Our Policy is that we get a 5% cut of any commission you do, hope to see you there :)
  3. pTpi

    Builder for hire

    I've been building for a long time and now want to put those skills to use. my Discord is pTpi.#8649 Minecraft IGN is pTpi and a small portfolio of recent work is here:
  4. Thundurh

    Plugin Developers

    In need of plugin developers capable of creating quality medium-sized plugins for decent pricing. Will not work with you if you overprice. Add me for work: Thundurh#1658
  5. Thundurh

    Skilled Plugin Dev

    In need of a developer to make me a pretty simple RTP plugin with GUIs. I pay reasonably, no overpay. If you are interested in details, add me on Discord! Discord: Thundurh#1658
  6. S

    Minecraft Building! CHEAP

    Hi my names sean! (Shuffles) and I love to build on minecraft. Over the past few years I have learned new ways to build and would love to work with you! PM me on discord of a project you would like done and I will do my best. I am currently trying to create a large portfolio as well as build for...
  7. Thundurh

    Need 2 Builds

    Looking for a builder(s) to make 2 mine builds, one of the builds would be around 150x150 and the other is unclassified and needs to be done via my server and will be very, very small. I will give a description about what is needed upon adding me via Discord. Would like people that enjoy...
  8. ethanwas

    Looking for skilled/professional devs to join a server.

    Hello, I understand that this is very unorthodox. I am currently looking to recruit developers for my server in very early dev stages, OblivionSaga. We currently have a sizeable budget, but are putting all of it back into the server and will not be able to initially pay developers. However...
  9. CreeperCry

    Free Plugin Development

    STATUS: CLOSED, COME BACK LATER; I HAVE TOO MUCH BUISNESS ;) About My name is CreeperCry. I've been coding for almost 3 years now. I have created very advanced plugins. I am very skilled in most aspects of MC Development. If you want quality plugins for free, check this out. Pricing: Small...
  10. TqXic

    -=Cheap GFX=- #MC #Thumb nails #Banners 2.00$

    Banner Example: Thumbnail Example: Hello, My name is TqXic and I do GFX! I'm not saying I'm the best, but I sure do get the job done! Thumbnails 1.00$ Profile Pictures 1.50$ Banners 2.00$ Logos 1.00$ Payment ways PayPal Send the money here [email protected] Before you send the money...
  11. V


    Hello all my fellow game developers!I am looking for people that are skilled in texturing for a project me and a couple people are working on. project details will be discussed if you are accepted. please leave your name, and Skype. if you are accepted you should receive a request from me within...
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