1. avatar_nova

    Blade Pack v1.0

    Blade Pack V1.0 Contains: 5 blades: Flame Blade Ice Blade Void Blade Bedrock Blade Each blade has a special 3D model Each blade has a slah effect + right click ability. Plugins Used: Oraxen (required) MythicMobs (optional) MythicCrucible (optional. Used for skills)
  2. MegaEvolution

    Custom Mob - Golem Skeleton v1.0

    This pack contains - Golem Skeleton bbmodel - Fancy Animations Custom Skills - Custom Sounds [Video demostration] Requeriments Oraxen required to load sounds MythicMobs used for skills ModelEngine used to load bbmodels
  3. Athlaeos

    ValhallaMMO - Now in open beta v1.0.3-BETA

    Need support? Feel free to ping Athlaeos in my discord server Disclaimers ValhallaMMO is in beta! That means that much of the plugin is still open for change, and bugs may be more common. That being said, the plugin was extensively playtested and found to be stable. The linked github wiki is...
  4. MegaEvolution

    Rainbow Sword - Custom Skills v1.0

    [!] Rainbow Sword Skills [!] --------------------------------------------------- Special Custom Rainbow Sword with custom Skills and much more! --------------------------------------------------- [Click HERE to watch demonstration VIDEO] This pack contains - 1 Rainbow Custom Sword - Custom...
  5. MegaEvolution

    Custom - Demon Pack v1.0

    [!] Demon Pack [!] --------------------------------------------------- Unique special weapon with !!!custom Skills!!! --------------------------------------------------- [Click HERE to watch the video] --------------------------------------------------- V V V V...
  6. xShyo_

    Survival Setup | Professional Server v1.2

    Explore the ultimate thrill of survival with our game settings. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world where every detail has been carefully designed to offer an unparalleled experience. Test Server: Discord: (here) TAB Full version Version 4.0.3...
  7. MegaEvolution

    Jetpacks Volumen 1 v1.0

    Jetpacks Volumen 1 This pack contains 3 different types of Jetpacks with customs effects, sounds and skills and fuel for jetpacks [!] Custom effects, sounds and skills [!] This pack contains: 3 different types of jetpacks Unique effects, sounds and skills for each one...
  8. Revenant.exe

    AureliumSkills Configuration v1.1

  9. Diekieboy

    AureliumSkills | Deluxe Menus Config v1.1

  10. Eclipse Studio

    Ice Wizard Skills Pack v1.0

    IceWizard Unleash the power of ice With the Frosty Wizardry skill pack, you can become a powerful ice wizard, controlling the power of ice at will. Attack your enemies with ice shards, ice claws, and ice spikes, freeze them to ice, and inflict massive damage. Features Passive skill: Frostbite...
  11. PremadeSetups

    OneBlock Setup | Deluxe v1.3

    ・ONEBLOCK SETUP is a product that provides quality in terms of configurations, designs and mechanics, offering a new fresh air of minigames at a very affordable price. ONEBLOCK gameplay is pretty simple. Players will spawn in a single block in the air with no other resources nearby. The only...
  12. Trust Team

    UltimateSkyblock EN l ES v1.0

    ⚡ UltimateSkyblock ⚡ ⚡ A skyblock with a lot of content, diversity and things to do, explore this wonderful world with us. ⚡ Remember that premium plugins make the server work correctly ⚡ Before buying the server please enter our test server. 🌀 (You can join our discord if you have problems or...
  13. NitroSetups

    ⚡SEASON 2 - Premium Survival Setup - NitroSetups⚡

    Click Here To Purchase The Setup! Join our test server to view and experience all our unique features yourself! Copy the IP Adress below to start playing! If you want a detailed run-through of all the features in the setup before joining the server, click the...
  14. Diekieboy

    MinAurelium Skills Config v2.0

  15. FabriMC

    AureliumSkills EN & ES - Config v1.0

  16. imeqns


  17. NitroSetups

    AureliumSkills Configuration v1.0.0

    Looking for a custom AureliumSkills UI configuration? You have come to the right resource! We have made the perfect Skills configuration by combining a beautiful menu UI with the official AureliumSkills configuration. Below are all the features included with this AureliumSkills...
  18. Indyuce

    MMOCore v1.12

    Source Code | Documentation | Issue Tracker | Metrics | Crowdin Make sure you download MythicLib first. MMOCore is best ran using MMOItems and MMOProfiles! BetonQuest | QuestCreator | Quests (Quest Module) DungeonsXL | mcMMO | PartyAndFriends | Parties | OBTeam | DungeonParties (Party...
  19. Diekieboy

    AureliumSkills Configuration v2.3

  20. imeqns

    Survival Setup | Lot of features v5.6

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