1. SUPY

    Nicks v1.0

    FEATURES Mvdw and papi support No effort nicking Easy and plugin like setup Luckperms and LPC support Custom Rank nick permissions Skin change support FUTURE UPDATES V2 - More advanced configuration settings V3 - More admin commands(Player nick history), in-game config V4 - Not planned...
  2. Fusionhub

    ⚡Fusion Skins ⚡Personal Skins ⚡100+ Animated Skins ⚡ Description Entertain your players with personal skins! We have designed a skins menu that changes the texture of the, item your holding and keeping its data on texture changes! So let say I change my diamond pickaxe to a skin I want well...
  3. timr2000

    CUSTOM Discord profile picture with your Minecraft Skin!

    Custom Profile Picture Transform your Minecraft gaming experience by getting a personalized profile picture for Discord or Other platforms featuring your skin. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your Minecraft journey, I am here to bring your virtual identity to life. You can...
  4. Lenny


    ♥ Hello friend! ♥ My discord - LENNY#6312 ■ ───────────────────────── ■ PRICE: Custom Skin - 6$ SkinPack(5 skins) - 25$ SkinPack(10 skins) - 40$ ■ ───────────────────────── ■ PORTFOLIO: PMC:
  5. Axmon

    Clothes++ 👔 In-Game Character Creator✅

    🌟 Introducing: Clothes++ Plugin for Minecraft! 🌟 --------------------------------------------------- Transform Your Minecraft Experience with Unique Skins and overlays! ⚜️ Info ⚜️ Enter a world of unparalleled customization. With the Clothes++ plugin, your Minecraft character becomes a canvas...
  6. Crystal Creations

    Medieval Skins v1.0.1

    10 Medieval Skins Overview This product adds new medieval styled skins to your server with npc icons and dialogue text. This resource contains: • 10 Medieval styled skins • 10 NPC icons • NPC dialogue texts This pack contains configurations for the following plugins: •...
  7. SuspectAlien

    🛑 AizenessTeam | Skin Creator | High Quality | 🛑

    Discord invite link > CLICK
  8. itspinger

    DisguiseAPI v1.3.4

    DisguiseAPI is a Spigot plugin that enables players to disguise themselves as other players, with the ability to change their nickname and skin. In addition to basic disguising, DisguiseAPI provides a simple way to manage and regulate multiple Disguise plugins on your server by extending its...
  9. Pallux

    Minecraft 3-4 Skin Renders

    Hey, I am currently looking for someone who can render 3-4 3D Skins for me for my YouTube Thumbnails. I am looking for like 3-4 renders with my skin in different poses so I can always add the renders to my different videos. I don't need any extra 3D Objects or anything. Just my skin in...
  10. L

    [Offering] Resource-pack Modeling 3D Animated Mob(Entity) 10-20$(or another models)

    [Minecraft\Offering]I will make for you simple 3d model of your custom mob(entity) in blockbench with animations(attack,went) .(resourcepack. custom model data ) it can work at your server(if you can upload this resoursepack at server). it will work if you summon a mob(i often use zombie) with...
  11. Axmon

    ClothesPlus, DEMO version v1.0.0

    Ever dreamt of having a dynamic wardrobe system in your Minecraft to create the perfect environment for your player base, and create your own custom Character Creator in-game? Well, you're in great luck! Clothes++ allows you to allow your players to create their custom character skins through a...
  12. NitroSetups

    ToolSkins Configuration v1.3.1

    Are you looking for something new and unique? ToolSkins is a unique NitroSetups configuration. Players can change the skin of their current Diamond or Netherite tool by clicking in a menu. This creates a fun element to the game as players can collect different skins and you as an owner can sell...
  13. triples

    triple's mc skin service 📜✏️

    Here is some previous work of mine.⭐ (ONLY...
  14. hogostudios

    MONGOL SKIN PACK - custom skins v2.0

    ✅ Support with team in tickets ✅ Bug Fixes ✅ New Updates ✅ Fully configured For half a decade we have been developing custom plugins and scripts with implementation on our server which is the most popular Minecraft server in Central Europe, with the experience of us and our team and knowing...
  15. hogostudios

    ✌ Skin Draw ➥ Miniature Skin (I draw your skin to pixel art style) ❂

    If you're interested in drawing, whrite a message below this post :) hogostudios
  16. Achlon

    Cubix Services | Texture Services

    Discord: Twitter:
  17. M

    Need minecraft skins custom made

    Hello, I need custom minecraft skins I am only using them for NPCs for my RPG server. I would need a couple made, like a store keeper, banker, and some will be different races(different skin colors) and have different clothing. This sounds possible then I would love to work with you.
  18. carefullysad

    Minecraft skins -high quality-

    Hello! If you're interested in buying a modern-looking minecraft skin, then you came to the right place I can create full skins but also only outfits or only the head of a skin. I DO: Humans only Full skin: 7 euro Only outfit: 5 euro Only head: 2 euro You'll have to pay before I give you the...
  19. aglerr

    ItemSkins - Switch Items Texture v1.2.0

    Introducing ItemSkins - the ultimate plugin that brings life to your server with unique and customizable cosmetics! Our plugin is EULA-friendly, which means you won't have to worry about any legal issues. ItemSkins is a revolutionary plugin that uses custom model data to provide a seamless and...
  20. kangarko

    Boss - Unbelievable Custom Monsters v4.10.3

    Announcement from kangarko: [ Click Here To Buy With Credit Card Or Crypto ] For customers from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, China or anyone not wanting to use PayPal. The most versatile custom entities plugin out there, with custom AI and placeholder support. 60 SECONDS SETUP...
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