1. S

    Kill Rewards v1.0

    Kill Players to get rewards you will be given essentials/vault money when redeeming a kill reward.
  2. S

    Scoreboard+ v1.0

    Scoreboard+ is a custom scoreboard made with skript for economy survival servers. The economy is made with vault/essentials balance. You may use this skript for Spigot & Paper etc...
  3. S

    ShopGui++ v2.0

    This script for SHOPGUI- is a fully customizable Shop GUI you can purchase items with the economy of Essentials/Vault it includes 7 categories and is highly made for Survival servers. You may use this Script for Spigot & Paper Versions ranging from 1.9 - to the latest 1.20.4
  4. W

    Settings GUI v1.0

    This is a settings gui menu where you can toggle: -Payments -tpa requests -tpahere requests -fastcrystals -nightvision -private messages -chat messages
  5. W

    RTP GUI v1.0

    This is a rtp menu where if you run the command /rtp, it will open a gui menu with 3 items named, overworld, nether and end. If you click on overworld, it will teleport you somewhere random in the overworld. if you click on nether, it will teleport you somewhere random in the nether and if you...
  6. OverGulls

    Punishment Skript v1.0

    This is a skript that makes it a lot more fun and easier to punish players What this skript provides is easier access to punishing players because each of the dyes shown have shortcuts to muting, banning and kicking players.
  7. Viro Development

    Donutsmp Keyall | Advanced Keyall Script v1.0

    This is a remake off the donutsmp keyall and much other big servers also youse this type off keyall system this is made for any server easy to install and full guild + support and fully customizable this keyall is a timer from 60 minutes to 0 then it resets and gives everyone a key perfect for...
  8. C

    Requesting Coinflip & Jackpot

    Hello i need a Coinflip & Jackpot skript there is customize, thank you
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