1. Mayank Senpai

    Skull-O-Amusement Park Hub/Lobby 250x250 v1.0

    Cheerful and Very vibrant Amusement Park Style Hub / Lobby Design! size - 250x250 Approx. contains a bowling alley and a good few Amusement Park rides! and ultimately has a roller coaster ride that goes all around the hub/lobby!
  2. juanchoway

    Lobby/Hub | Dragon and Skull v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: 💢 Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) 💢 File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) 💢 Map Size: 250x250 MAP DETAILS: 💢 2 Launchpads 💢 Parkour 💢 Organics 💢Place for NPCS 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  3. AstrumProjects

    PIRATE HCF Spawn v1.0

    HCF Spawn PIRATES ☠️ 📏 Dimensions – 201 x 201 ✔️ NPC´s and CRATE´s Places
  4. LixelHD

    Skull Ranks v1.0

    Skull Ranks This pack includes various icons for your store. You can increase your sales by using these attractive product images. MORE IMAGES WILL FOLLOW SOON Soon I will create more icons. You will get free access to all future updates. CONTACT If you have any questions or suggestions, feel...
  5. Ellie

    ANIMATED 9+ Shield rank icons v1.0

    Hello! Here's 11 icons in total with included animated versions to make the icons stand out in your store or wherever else you chose to use them. Please check the image carousel above to see in-depth previews of the included files: 11 Shield icons in total 2 ore shields 6 class shields 3...
  6. TheeWord_

    Skull Dungeon - 200x200 v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION: A large dark dungeon, where you will find several skulls scattered throughout the dungeon! ∎ Size: 200x200 ∎ Interiors: yes ∎ Large rooms to be explored ∎ Parkour ∎ Versions: 1.16 - 1.19+ DOWNLOAD you will get a .schem file Tip: Before loading the schema: /gamerule...
  7. BuildSide

    Skull Island |200x200| v1.0

    Description: • It is High Quality Lobby with amazing big volcano and village on the island • Size : 200x200 • Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.19.+ 3D MODEL : HERE Includes: • Spawn Point • Places for 5x NPC • Shop Area 2x • Crates 3x • Harbour 2x • Fish Area • Mines • Stone Altar • Pvp Arena •...
  8. MineAlex

    TSkullDropsPro | More placeholders v1.2

    How does it work? 🔨 This plugin releases the player's head when killed by another player, according to the percentage you have configured, the difference in the version Lite are, multiple lores, more placeholders, disable worlds, etc... Features 〽 Enable / Disable worlds Multiple lores More...
  9. Blockking

    Lobby 2x Pack | 140x140 v1.0

    Can be used as: Survival Spawn / Lobby / Hub 🤔 What's there? 2 different lobbies ( Summer & Winter ) 5 NPC Places Portal Parkour Ship & Skull organic builds 📥Download After downloading You will recieve: WORLD SCHEMATIC* MCWORLD 1.8 1.8 - 1.16 1.16 - 1.19 1.19 1.20 Make...
  10. PixelMine

    Cosmetic Hat Models 1 v1.0

    5 Models + 3 Texture Variations Oraxen & Itemsadder Setups
  11. Vextrosity

    Anchored | 200x150 | Purple Pirate Lobby v1.0

    Includes • 7 NPC Pedestals • Portal • 8 Crates • Big Skull & Parrots • Medieval Houses Supported Versions • 1.13 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & .schem Support Create a support ticket on our discord if you have any issues or questions. This build is included in the Voyage bundle...
  12. Storm Block

    HUB - Skull Island - 300x300 v1.0

    📌Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 300x300 « 📌Description Skull island with a stranded ship, On the ship inside the skull there is a deck, on deck is spawn point and 5 NPC. - Map contains ❖ Place for 5 NPCs ❖ Spawn point ❖ Houses ( without interior ) ❖ Chest ❖ Skull ❖ Ship...
  13. Tiptronic

    250x250 | Feather Grove Spawn v1.0

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Feather Grove Can be also used as a survival lobby Size: ≈ 250x250 Version: 1.8 - 1.19 ∎ Places for NPCs ∎ Places for Crates ∎ Leader board holders ∎ Two portals ∎ Ships ∎ Houses ∎ Mushrooms ∎ Few structures ∎ Nice terrain and so much more.. Tip: Before loading the...
  14. PixelMine

    Fantasy Village Spawn v1.0

    250x250 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.16.5+ Schematic File and World Files Sketchfab 3D Preview
  15. Atomatrix

    Skull Island - Premium Server Spawn v1.0.0

    This is a 200x200 Skull Island Spawn for your Minecraft Server. After you buy this map, you will have a schematic available for download included in a zip file.
  16. Minelc Builds

    Big Tropical Spawn - 600x600 v1.0

    A beautiful tropical spawn with lots of space and lots of decoration like a big skull. The map has a place for your boxes, a place for a store with signs, as well as a vast ocean surrounding the map and 4 spaces for NPCs and boxes. The map has a tropical theme and many coconut trees around...
  17. BreadBuilds

    Spawn - Yellow Pirate Island - 540x540 v1.0

    Product information: High-detailed yellowish pirate themed spawn Size: ~540x540 (200x200 island size) Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Places for 5 NPCs (can be managed by you) Places for 3 Crates (can be managed by you) Nether Portal Windmill with farm Spawnpoint Mines Port and ships...
  18. BreadBuilds

    Halloween Spawn - Dragon Orange Village v0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Halloween version of this lobby ∎ Medieval detailed Lobby surrounded by water guarded by dragon ∎ Size: ≈ 470x470 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Places for 3 NPCs (can be managed by you) ∎ Big place for one crate ∎ Places for server stuff ∎ Designed spawn area ∎...
  19. Polygon

    Skull Island KOTH | 1.8+ v2021-12-22

    Skull Island KOTH | 1.8+ "An island of remains!" Contains: • 125x125 KOTH Description: • Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. • Built using 1.8 blocks. • File is compressed as a .zip. • KOTH platform is 7x7. • Perfect KOTH for any server! Additional Images can be found...
  20. Polygon

    Skull Island KOTH | 1.8+

    Skull Island KOTH | 1.8+ "An island of remains!" Contains: • 125x125 KOTH Description: •Build is NON-EXCLUSIVE. Resell rights are NOT included. •Built using 1.8 blocks. •File is compressed as a .zip. •KOTH platform is 7x7. •Perfect KOTH for any server! Additional Images can be found HERE...
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