skyblock 1.8

  1. FranFirKia2024

    REQUEST [Skyblock Setup]

    Hello i Request Skyblock setup with many features, I prefer 1.8.9 Native. My budget is $50 Paypal Discord: albrechtboy
  2. MNCBuilds

    Spawn - Skyblock Steampunk | 1050x1200 v1.0

  3. saadi43


    I am owner of RoseMc selling skyblock server with customfeatures and much more as i dont have time to mange it Made almost 2.3k in 2 Months Dm me on discord : saad123400 Selling it for Fair Price including custom plugins and some premium
  4. Savag3Life

    Source & Resale Rights to 20 Individual Projects | 1.8 - 1.12 Factions/Skyblock plugins

    Looking to rehome some older projects. Had several old customers asking about them recently & a couple of people looking to purchase so I figured I'd see if anyone wanted them. All 20 projects must go in one sale. It's one large collection called "Supreme" that comes with the old sales Discord...
  5. M

    japanese themed skyblock island

    Hi, Im looking for a build that is very similar to this for a hypixel skyblock island. The max build size can be 170x170. my discord is mobzillaface, you can DM portfolios and pricing if your willing to work on this with me.
  6. Mayland


    Hi, I am looking for a custom Battle Pass plugin that is for skyblock. I don't want the "Break Coal Blocks" or "Plant 100 Saplings" or "Kill 10 pigs" quests etc. I just want a pass which has 1 menu, no quests. Just breaking crops, blocks and killing mobs should progress it. Some servers you can...
  7. ItsTareX


    posted in wrong section sry :/
  8. Midgxt

    ✨SkyblockKore | 1.8.8 - 1.16 - 1.18 - 1.19 | Highly Optimized ✨

  9. Q

    Looking for fully setup 1.8 skyblock server to hold 100+ (willing to pay $50)

    Looking for fully setup 1.8 skyblock server to hold 100+ players doesnt need to be anything to crazy but i want a solid smooth running skyblock server with no bugs and easy to setup. willing to pay up to $50 TEXT MY DISCORD FOR FASTER RESPONSE quay#0574
  10. Alexandr3_

    Small SkyBlock Spawn - 200x200 vBuild-1.0

  11. Q

    Looking for developer. skyblock/pvp server

    hi im looking for a config developer or whatever you call it to complete my server, i was in need of custom enchantments but ones that arent very over powered to make the pvp better such as speed strength regen and other things. i also needed other little things completed to make my server look...
  12. BreadBuilds

    PACK - 25x Skyblock starting islands v1.4

    Product information: Bundle of 25 kinds of skyblock islands Every island has 8x iron ore, 8x coal ore, 4x gold ore, 1x chest Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ 5x Oak islands 5x Desert islands 3x End islands 2x Nether islands 5x Winter islands 5x Clay (mesa) islands Download: Build can be loaded on any...
  13. Wushie

    Profitable Skyblock Server // 1.9K in 1 Month // Established Server

    Today I'll be selling a server on behalf of the owner. The server will not be mentioned publicly as the owner does not want the community to know it is being sold until the transaction has been finalised. All details and test server will be provided once valid proof of funds has been shown...
  14. Falconator

    Someone To Balance My Economy | Skyblock

    Hello, I am currently looking for someone to balance my SkyBlock economy for future seasons to come! This is a paid Job. Here are the following things that we need balanced. These season will last anywhere between 4-8 Weeks with weekly payouts. If you want to go above and beyond and become apart...
  15. TheScreek


    Hello good friend! You've found the the professional skyblock setup for your server! We are confident that this server will change the way you think about Skyblock. __________________________________________________ We present to you the server, how we see the skyblock world with our eyes...
  16. DarkerInk

    Skyblock or Factions

    Hello I am looking for a pre Made Factions and/or Skyblock server for 1.8+ I suck at making them I try but they crash or just break so If you can help me that would be great I don't have much cash so thats my only problem thanks if you guys can help
  17. Harry_

    Elegant Skyblock Islands v2

  18. KitOP


  19. Shadowens

    UnderWorldPvP Skyblock

    Hey MCM, We are a skyblock server currently under development we are trying to grow our playerbase we are looking for island leaders if you are interested please join this discord From UnderWorld Staff Team.
  20. PandaDev

    Custom Build Skyblock Islands

    Hello, I am looking for 4 new custom-built skyblock islands for my server? The theme would be ocean/underwater and the server is on 1.8 (I know that will limit your block choice), Let me know if this is something you would be interested in building and what prices? Builder Found!
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