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  1. BCraft

    Creation of servers (Configurations-Servers)

    BCraft Setups I am in the creation of servers for a long time, in my profile you can see some of the servers that are already ready in the sale, I am always willing to listen to suggestions etc. All conversations will be through McMarket Additional features: All packages will include...
  2. Syndji

    【☆】Exclusive Skypvp Map【☆】1.8 - 1.14【HIGH QUALITY】【15 Islands + Spawn】

    ✖ Syndji ✖ Today im selling here a Exclusive Skypvp Map with 15 Islands + Spawn made by my own. - No FPS Drop - Place for jumping - Info Board - Place for NPC'S - Jump 'n run - e.t.c Comes with resell rights. Renders Shaders Proof Feel free to send an offer through pm or below Discord >...
  3. FrogsLegs


    I'm selling a subserver of my network TITANCLOUD! The subserver is a very unique Skypvp, probably next evolution with full databases. Starting Bid: $10 Buy it now: $50 Bid increments: $10 MAP | Map on this setup is used from THE PIT, but it's fully edited and customized. Terrain is changed...
  4. Airodene

    UP AND COMING SERVER | Requesting Active Staff!

    My name is Airo, and I am a representative of Invade Network, an upcoming Practice + SkyPvP server. We are currently looking for staff to fill out our roster ready for our launch coming soon! ALL POSITIONS NEEDED To join us and become staff on our amazing server, please join the Discord [...
  5. BCraft

    [EXCLUSIVE] Sale !!! Map SkyPvP (Medium) KOTHS

    Map SkyPvP: It contains: 4 zones (different) 4 places for hills Elaborated center with place for boxes / Table of enchantments / TOP players Starting price: $ 5
  6. BCraft

    MAP SkyPvP SPIGOT - KOTHS v1.0

    Amazing map for PvP <3 !
  7. BCraft

    SkyPvP - KITS - RankUP - AMAZING MAP v1.3

  8. Catalinertt


    #1 The Best SkyPvP Ready-To-Use on McMarket #1 * NO PREMIUM PLUGINS * NEW * Enchant Shop * NEW NEW * Repair Shop * NEW NEW * Kit GUI Cooldown * NEW Shop GUI Custom Menus x9 Ranks x3 Crates Instant Void Kill 10 islands + Spawn Disabled Respawn Screen Bottle Recycling Player Mention in Chat...
  9. maikubaby

    ⚡ [NEW] SKYPVP SETUP ⚡ | ■ Custom menus ■ | Kill Effects | Crates | Auctions | Bounties |

    SkyPvP setup » Contains a huge amount of features never seen in other setups! You can test it on my test-server! ▪ TEST SERVER - 5 slots maximum. Features "list of some things that it contains, not all of them" ▪ PvP Levels | By killing other players you will get xp to level up ▪ 4x » Vip...
  10. xDev46

    WinShop ~ Premades ~ Configs ~ FFA, SkyPvP, UHC..

  11. xDev46

    Premade SkyPvP ~ Cheap $2.5~Villager Shop ~ Chat Reactions ~ Many GUI Commands

  12. xDev46

    WinShop | Configs | Custom | Cheap | Orders

    * WinShop * Hello, i want to show you few things that you can buy at my Shop. Also i'm doing a Orders, if you want custom config of any plugin just PM me and we'll make a deal! (Or contact me on Discord: !Dzoni49#5486) If you want to buy something visit: https://selly.gg/g/c16098 A few configs...
  13. T

    █ SKYPVP - PVP - FFA - MAPS SELLING █ MMCBuilders █

    https://sellfy.com/mmcbuilder https://sellfy.com/mmcbuilder https://sellfy.com/mmcbuilder https://sellfy.com/mmcbuilder https://sellfy.com/mmcbuilder https://sellfy.com/mmcbuilder
  14. Felixbuilds


    Hey guys! My Team is open for specialized commissions again! We had to spend much time on our latest commissions so we couldn´t take new ones anymore. But now it is time to order again! We are doing all kinds of commissions. Here is our portfolio: For more inforamtions about our builders...
  15. RiymonZC

    NEW SERVER 2018

  16. Stefan_420

    Server/Network configuration (Very Cheap)

    Hi my name is Stefan and I'm a server Developer. I have a lot of experience with the servers, about 3 years. I'm doing almost all types of servers. I have the most experience with: -UHC -SKYPVP -PRACTICE -FFA -SKYBLOCK -FACTION I had a little less experience with: -HCF -KITMAP...
  17. Sergiu

    Minecraft Bungee Server

    I sell my minecraft server. (BungeeCord, Hub, Survival, SkyBlock, SkyPvP) for only 10 euro. For more details contact me on skype or discord. (skype: sergiu.dobos3 ; discord: Sergiu.#2322). Thanks very much.
  18. InfiniteBlocks

    Bedwars / Deathmatch / SkyPVP / (Wait-)Lobbies & more!

    Extensive and professional Minecraft Maps Shop Our Buildteam offers a german shop with professional and inexpensive or even free maps for every purpose! The shop is expanding regularly. Also for the non-German speaking users it is no problem to buy the right map via PayPal. Currently are 21...
  19. T

    █ Best SkyPvP Map █ MMCBuilders █ 5$ SKYPE : ALMALKI-BRO

  20. Fliz

    Minecraft Hub Server - Kitpvp - SkyPvp - SkyWars - Paintball - Hub - And Also Just Selling Spawn/Hub

    Giant Multi-gamemode server with all kinds of gamemodes for sale! me and my friend have been working on this server for over 6 months.... but we have lost interest... and have desided to sell it.... we wanna be able to sell the server for Min 30-40$ ormaybe higher.... give us ur bids in...