1. Diamond

    BattlePass Configuration | Diamond v1.0

    BattlePass Configuration for all your needs Use it for any gamemode such as SMP, Lifesteal, Skyblock, Factions, Prisons and more! BattlePass includes: ⭐ 100 free tiers ⭐ 38 Premium tiers ⭐ 2 seasons ⭐ 7 colors Easily configurable for your server's economy and style!
  2. ShadowX

    Ultimate Survival Setup | Free v1.0

  3. MCCharity

    Desert Mesa Mine KOTH v1.0

    Desert Mesa Mine KOTH Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at! Notes: Version: 1.20+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  4. Pallux

    Looking for: SMP with custom Ores, Armors & Bosses

    Hey, I am looking for a heavily custom SMP which is NOT Pay2Win and uses for example ItemsAdder or Oraxen for custom Content like custom Armor, custom Weapons and MythicMobs for custom Bosses on the server etc. The feature I would love the most tho is when you can farm custom ores to craft the...
  5. S

    Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Minecraft SMP

    Hello, We are using an amazing map named ''Mattupolis'' (Not ours link to the map:, a very enhanced and large city map. We use the jujutsu craft mod, a mod with powers based on characters from the anime itself. We...
  6. AminGHG

    Modern Hide 0

  7. M

    MiniMC - Seeking Marketing, Support and Players

    At MiniMC, we are a Hermitcraft inspired server but with a twist. We have the aim of bringing together a keen community full of creative builders, magical redstoners and fun explorers. However, we offer more than Hermitcraft as we want to exhilarate your experience even further through the many...
  8. fskryanttv_

    TAB + ScoreBoard for SMP | Config v2.0

    This will Include the following (Thats setup): TAB Fully Setup (You will need to change a few things with your own ranks) ScoreBoard Fully Setup. I will re-work the config so your Ranks work on TAB (Free) after purchase. This plugin is made for a SMP server ONLY, BUT I will be making a...
  9. Orbitt1

    💎 | CRYSTALS.GG [Brand new Experience]

    | CRYSTALS [Brand new Experience] (( Ready to adventure into a new realm? )) Welcome to Crystals, where our main goal is to put our community first! Our goal is to build a strong community and build off of their ideas for realms. Of course, we have a realm on the way. Which is our Skyblock...
  10. OrnationTeam

    Spring LifeSteal Spawn 100x100 v1.0

    LifeSteal Spawn 100x100 Spawn good for Survival, LifeSteal, Factions and Creative server! Version: 1.16 / 1.20+ When purchasing this map, you will receive: A working schematic (schem) from version 1.16 and above A working world from version 1.18 The map has a size of approximately 100x100 and...
  11. J

    Minecraft Spawn for Server - CHEAP v1.0

    Brand NEW Minecraft Spawn/Lobby/Hub for your Server! (Space Themed) Are you ready for a whole new adventure on your server? Step right up and check out our amazing new spawn! It's like nothing you've ever seen before – and the best part? It's super affordable! Picture this: A...
  12. FredOrSomething


    Hey all, I am the sole owner and developer of the Lapis Network. I have held on to this great network and continued putting in work for as long as possible. However, I need to prepare for college and as such I no longer have nearly as much time to continue this project or bring myself to do...
  13. vaniisx

    Fancy Ping || DonutSMP Ping Skript v1.0

    Discord: Welcome to Fancy Ping, a cutting-edge Minecraft server enhancement skript crafted to elevate your server's performance. Join our Discord community for updates, support, and a thriving community of Minecraft enthusiasts. Key Features: Enhanced Ping...
  14. vaniisx

    Fancy TPA || DonutSMP TPA Skript v1.0

    Discord: Welcome to Fancy TPA, a groundbreaking Minecraft teleportation skript designed to redefine your virtual travel experience. Featuring a sophisticated interface, Fancy TPA streamlines the teleportation process, making it effortlessly easy to connect with...
  15. vaniisx

    Fancy Homes || DonutSMP Homes Skript v1.0

    Discord: Welcome to Fancy Homes Skript Discover a revolutionary Minecraft customization tool designed for seamless home management. Fancy Homes Skript boasts an elegant GUI that simplifies navigation, allowing effortless teleportation to your personalized homes...
  16. Exclusive Studios

    Exclusive Lifesteal - Premium Setup v1.1

  17. Manered

    Continuum AFK v1.0.0

    This plugin is apart of the Continuum Development Plugin Series. Support/Continuum: ⭐ If you had one sentence to describe this plugin what would it be? Continuum AFK is the easiest, most simple, most light-weight AFK Zones plugin ever made featuring everything you...
  18. F

    Quicksell: - $45

    for just $45 PayPal you can be the new owner of the Dream SMP - or you know, use it how you want - it'll be your domain. Non-negotiable. Middleman used only on your request, and paid for by you.
  19. SUPY

    Spotix - Looking for staff and partners

    Join Spotix × MC-Network ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ❌ Unreleased 💎 Soon releasing SMP, Elemental Conquest Offering: 🔮 The latest 1.20 version 🌀 A blend of custom and premade plugins ⚡ Fast And reliable server support ⭐ Friendly and Active Staff 🌐 1000+ Discord Members 🔥 Custom...
  20. OrnationTeam

    Medieval winter LifeSteal Spawn 100x100 v1.0

    Medieval winter LifeSteal Spawn 100x100 Spawn good for Survival, LifeSteal, Factions and Creative server! Version: 1.8 / 1.20+ When purchasing this map, you will receive: A working schematic from version 1.8 to 1.16 A working schematic (schem) from version 1.16 and above A working world from...
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